Neal Adams and Brad Templeton. It’s their birthday today, and comics (and I, personally) owe them both thanks

Happy Birthday guys!

One is my big brother, and one is my big influence, and they’re both born June 12th. (**Neal’s birthday is actually June 15. I think some fan site had posted the date wrong, as a number of people were wishing him Happy Birthday on the 12th —Keiren June 2012)

My big influence!

If you don’t know that Neal Adams has done more for creator’s rights than anyone in the history of our biz, then shame on you.  And if you didn’t know that Neal has done more for the ongoing popularity of such characters as Batman and the Joker, than anyone other than Finger and Kane, then you don’t know your history,  and later in the week, I’m going to be schooling you with a Neal Adams Top Ten (stay tuned).

My big brother!

With his work as both chairman and board member of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, and his pioneering articles on copyright law and trademark (available on his websites, and downloaded hundreds of thousands of times), Brad Templeton has been watching over your online rights as a creator even when you didn’t know he was.   When the comics world goes all digital over the next few years, you’ll have Brad Templeton to thank for helping make it possible.

Neal’s 70 today and Brad’s 51, and I’m privileged that I know them both.  You guys should be so lucky.

Ty the Guy OUT!

Here now, you BONUS Neal Adams Moment:

In the 85 year history of comic books, this issue by Neal Adams and Denny O’Neil might be the greatest single super-hero comic book every produced.

7 responses to “Neal Adams and Brad Templeton. It’s their birthday today, and comics (and I, personally) owe them both thanks

  1. InvincibleIronyMan

    I love Neal Adams work on the X-Men. Totally awesome! Some of the material that got me into comics in the first place. Not sure about the expanding earth stuff, but what the hey! 🙂 Happy birthday to him! (and to Brad!)

  2. scott (the other one)

    Big thanks to Brad, whose articles I read long before realizing he was your brother.

  3. Both are Greats!


    Steven Willis

  4. You might well be right about Batman #251– and lucky for me, it was the first comic book I ever purchased.

    Say hi to Brad for me.

    • Will do, Glenn. Much like you, Batman #251 was about the third or fourth Batman comic I had ever purchased, after a couple of Denny O’Neil and Irv Novick stories…you get to the Five Way Revenge and I’m hooked for life! My first issue of the Avengers included the second appearance of the Vision, by Thomas, Buscema and Klein, another fantastic issue to start on. First Captain America comic was by Jack Kirby, then suddenly it was Steranko…it was good age to be ten years old and just discovering these things could be THAT good!

  5. Happy birthday to both! Looking forward to that top ten!

  6. It may not be the best comic book ever produced, but it’s damn sure the best issue of BATMAN of all time.

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