Holmes Incorporated and YOU! A shameless plug.

The Holmes Incorporated Homepage is buzzing lately, with all the promised tutorials, sneak peeks, bells and whistles that we can muster.

The new pages include work by comic-stars-in-waiting Christopher Yao and Robert Pincombe, and there’s a useful writing tutorial by Plot-Master Mighty Mike Marano on how to create a “Story Map” (you’ll thank me for sending you there after you read it, I promise),  and the aforementioned Mr. Yao walks you through creating a page from thumbnails to pencils.

Here’s a  sneak peek at Christopher’s finished inks.

And check this stuff out:

And a cool inside look at the design of the Deerstalker Aircraft.

Artwork, comic books, AND learning?  Where can we go to get this kind of fun?

Here, folks.  You go here to the HOLMES INCORPORATED homepage and find out what’s what with the latest issue.  It’s too easy and too much fun not to.


Here now, your shameless plug, bonus moment:


4 responses to “Holmes Incorporated and YOU! A shameless plug.

  1. Agreed, quite shameless in repeatedly plugging the name…


    Steven Willis

  2. There is no shame in plugging this, as the artwork is coming together so beautifully!

    When Issue 2 is ready for sale, will there be a few Issue 1’s available as well? Missed getting a copy of this the first time around.

  3. Never fear. There will be digital copies of both available!!

  4. Glad to hear it. We have another issue of Holmes Incorporated on its way to the waiting world. It should be ready in a couple of weeks!

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