LAST WEEK on the ‘net

monday june 20

Interview:  Ty Templeton from Comic Book

tuesday june 21

Ty Templeton’s Batman Adventures… from Forbidden Planet International

Back Off! Get Your Own Sand Box! – Writing for Pre-existing Characters from Holmes Incorporated

wednesday june 22

Holmes, Inc.  from Caruso Comics

Thursday June 23

Leonard Kirk and KT Smith give us the cover for HOLMES INC. #2! from Holmes Incorporated

Ty Templeton explains Green Lantern from Monitor Duty

Comics Review — Strange Tales II  from Guttersnipe


One-Shot At Greatness #64 Dark Claw Adventure from Cyberspace Comics

Entenda o básico sobre Lanterna Verde em quatro painéis goma de mascar

friday june 24

100 Things I Love About Comic Books from “Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité”

Saturday June 25

Meeting of the Minds from Holmes Incorporated

DC: Action Comics #861, The Spirit #13 » Comics Worth Reading from

sunday june 26

More images from Holmes, Inc. from Caruso Comics

Dexter, The Motion Comic from Bleeding Cool

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