Ty Templeton’s WRITING for COMICS

 Ty Templeton (writer of Batman AdventuresSimpsons ComicsHuman Defense CorpsHoward the Duck:  Media Darling, Stig’s Inferno and much much more) teaches his well-known and much-recommended “Writing for Comics”. Sez TCW’s description,

“This action packed course will teach students story construction, character development, dialogue, plotting, as well as pitching and editing a script for the comics industry. Students will explore the different formats and techniques of comic script writing (including Marvel style and full script) while creating their own characters and stories. While basic writing skills are helpful, they are not necessary.”

Ty promises that you can’t possibly have writer’s block after taking this course! The course starts Monday, July 11, 7-10pm. Contact Sean Menard for registration info.

(actually planning to take this myself, yes, even though I live in the same house as the guy—it’s such a jam-packed course that there’s no way he can teach it twice in a week, so it’s probably best I just turn up in class!)

Duration: July 11 – August 29 (no class August 1)

(From the last Fit to Print: Holmes Incorporated #2 meeting)


One response to “Ty Templeton’s WRITING for COMICS

  1. I enjoyed the course thorougly. Lots of fun, lots of great information!

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