Sherlock Bun Toons! And a FREE 52 page COMIC!

I've eliminated the impossible, and what remains, however improbable, is meant to be funny.

It just happens sometimes.  You get into a certain head-space and there’s no stopping them when they come.  Please forgive me for this, I mean no harm.

There, you’ve survived.  Remain calm and seated, and you can read about my free comic book offer.

You’ve seen me promote this project a few times on this website, the HOLMES INCORPORATED collection that my school (The Toronto Cartoonists Workshop) puts out once a year, featuring the work of our former students, ready to show off their wares and impress the world of comics with their skills.  Well, we’re so excited by the whole thing, and we want everyone to see these comics, that we’ve decided to give them away FREE, as digital comics that ANYONE can download for nothing.  Yup, I said nothing.

You can get the FIRST issue this week at Drive Thru Comics right now!

Click on the image to be taken to our FREE offer.

 And we’ll be giving the SECOND issue, also for free, in two weeks time.  That’s over 120 pages of comics for zip.  Nada.  All we ask is that you enjoy ’em and give us a little feedback!

Click the magnifying glass to get a free digital version of issue #1 from DRIVE THRU COMICS right now!

Our TRIPLE sized issue #2 will be available digitally for FREE in two weeks! Dig that Leonard Kirk cover!

Who says this isn’t the Art-Land Age of mind-bogglingly good deals?

Ty the Guy OUT!

Here now, your Sherlock Holmes Bonus Comic moment:  (This is real, I didn’t make it up).

The game is a foot, and it's flying at your head, ninja style!


For last week's patriotic Bun Toons, click the father of your country.

For every Bun Toon I've ever done, click the Rabbit's nose.

10 responses to “Sherlock Bun Toons! And a FREE 52 page COMIC!

  1. Oh, how your world view must be so lovingly perverse. Just love it!


    Steven Willis

  2. All I could think about was how this is some kind of clever response to Michele Bachmann’s husband saying that LGBT people are, “barbarians.” Then I wondered, “What the hell kind of act is a “lemon tree dare” slang for?”

    Puns can be compulsory and addictive, though, that much is certain!

  3. A “lemon tree dare” is a mildly naughty euphemism in the same way that a “Harvey Wall Banger” isn’t just a drink. Or it’s just an outrageous pun, like the other ones in the strip. One should never look for hidden depths in my work, I am as shallow as a puddle. (Now, what did THAT mean, hmm?)

  4. Bah ha ha ha ha. Man I love puns.

  5. Nowadays, he prefers to be called A. Conan Touchtone.

  6. It’s a week later and I still don’t get the first one.

    I feel like a failure. . . .

    • It’s better heard than read. All the Sherlock Holmes stories were credited to “A. Conan Doyle”. Now say the phrase “A Conan Dial” in an strong English accent, and see what you get.

  7. Benjamin Eugene Nelson

    I love a good (bad) pun.

  8. Amazing. Made my day.

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