Milestones and Many Pains

I hadn’t checked my hit counter in a while, so I didn’t even notice when this blog went over a half million hits last week.  Actually, after the weekend Bun Toon (which had nearly ten thousand hits all on its own) we’ve dived rather strongly into the next half million already.  I’ve been blogging and tooning for about 20 months or so, and the first while was pretty sparse, so I think I can say we’ve picked up in the last year substantially.  I ain’t exactly the Huffington Post or anything, but it’s gratifying to know that my silly musings and cartoons are being read by people.

As for pains, I’ve been howling with back pain for the last 24 hours, unable to walk up stairs or get out of a chair without making noises that sound like I’m giving birth, and my wife’s computer (the one that she makes a living colouring comics on, including comics she does for me) has coughed up blood and shouted “Rosebud”, so I’m running late with the last touches on a big project and she’s running late with everything.

Ya gets the good with the bads, right?  Take what you can get.  Smoke ’em if you got ’em.  Face front true believer.  Second star to the right, and straight on til morning.


Here now, your half a million BONUS comic book moment:

This is the logo of a comic store in Toronto (a wonderful store, as all our Canuck stores are…) but I might have fiddled with a bit.

The real logo on the real store.

Go visit them at 531 Yonge Street in Toronto, or go see em online, so I look like less of an ass for lifting their logo without permission…


PS:  I’ll be on the TV tube a bunch of times this week, on G4 tomorrow, on City TV on Thursday, and on CBC coming up fairly soon (or it might already have aired, I’m not sure) promoting the new Holmes Incorporated comic, and the new Captain America movie.   Clearly I’m too beautiful to just blog.


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