Simpsons Comics #180 by Ty the Guy, eh?

It’s been a few months since I played in Springfield, and I have an issue of Simpsons Comics out this week (or last week in some markets), but this time, I didn’t play in Springfield.

I played in Canada.

Bongo doesn't put the writer/artist credits on the cover anymore, so it's not that well known that I do these from time to time. I'll mention here that I wrote and drew this issue.

Yes, that’s right.  I was delighted that the fine folks at Bongo let me move the Simpsons to Toronto, Ontario, Canada (my home town) for one issue.  Those who live here know Toronto has more donut stores per capita than any other city on Earth.  It’s kind of weird that Homer has never been here for that reason alone, but we also have bacon, poutine, really, really violent hockey on TV round the clock and adorable animals on all the coins.    It kind of makes the Big Smoke (that’s the T-dot to you poor philistines who have to live eleswhere) the perfect location for Homer to live, and by the end of this story, he agrees.

Head out to the yer local comic stores this week to see what FINALLY brings Homer and the gang back to Springfield after Homer finds paradise under the CN Tower.  And if you like this ish, you may be happy to know that I’m starting to draw my next one in a week or so (from another Templeton script, it’s like I only work with very specific writers).

Ty the Guy OUT!


Here now, your BONUS Simpsons in Canada Moment:

You have to love that Marge is sensitive to the folks in Quebec who don't love the national flag...

5 responses to “Simpsons Comics #180 by Ty the Guy, eh?

  1. Duhhh, being a typical American, I must ask why Marge is waving the flag for that European country Quebec? Errr, anyone?


    Steven Willis

    • There are actually a few European countries in North America. The two French Islands stuck in the middle of Atlantic Canada (St. Pierre et Miquelon) were never absorbed by Canada, and remain French protectorates. Then there’s Greenland, part of North America but belonging to Norway or Sweden (I never remember which), as well as Jamaica, which is part of North Am, but remains sovereign British Soil, off the coast of America by only a hundred miles or so. Our “New World” still has bits of the Old World stuck on like barnacles. And if you’ve ever been to Quebec, it’s delightfully European there, with actual castles, cobblestone streets, local wines, and an attitude found no where else in Canada or the United States. I, for one, am absolutely thrilled that Quebec is there. (You may have guessed from this endorsement of the other of our two solitudes that my mother was born there, and I still have TONS of family living “dans la belle province”.

  2. Ty plus CanCon? Oh yeah. That’s going in the budget. I’ll expense it as childcare for my inner child. 😉

  3. You also have an outer child that you don’t hide at all. Well, the body is all growed up, but I’ll call the rest of you permanently youthful.

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