Captain America in Four Panels. YAY!

When Bun Toon Rabbit throws his mighty shield….

Unless you’re living under a rock, you’re aware that Marvel Films has done it again with the new Captain America movie.  And once again, Bun Toons is here to help out those who might only know Captain America through Saturday morning cartoons,  urban legends, rock and roll records or video games.   Not only is Cap my favorite Marvel character, he’s also a man with a rich history worth knowing.  Here it is, all summed up in as concise a manner as I can manage…

Ty the Guy OUT!


I told you there were Captain America rock and roll records.

And lest you believe that this is Cap’s first foray into the movies, it’s actually his FIFTH time on the big screen.  Steven Colbert has been making fun of versions #2 and #3 for quite a while now


and I’m not going to mention the 4th Captain America movie from the early 90s with Matt Salinger, but I do have a treat for you guys who might not be aware of the FIRST Cap film serial from the 40s…

No shield, no Bucky, nothing but the strong left cross of an American hero.


For last week’s bun toon, poke Prometheus in the kisser.

For every bun toon EVER, click the singing bread roll.

9 responses to “Captain America in Four Panels. YAY!

  1. I do not know whether to laugh or cry about the Simon/Kirby panel. Both sides seem to have merit.


    Steven Willis

    • by all means, you may cry about it. It’s not a happy outcome for the creators, and since I am a creator, I tend to side with the makers, rather than the employers. But by the same token, we wouldn’t HAVE Captain America without Marvel, as none of Simon and Kirby’s other creations managed to succeed when they tried to market them on their own (Stuntman, Your Dreams, etc.), so we have to give Marvel some of the credit for the successes of the Kirby creations.

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  4. This made me laugh till I hurt. Thanks Ty!

    • Thanks! I so completely enjoyed the movie and the comics in the last five years, that it was hard to come up with anything funny. My first thought was to devote four panels to saying there was nothing funny about Captain America, it was simply too cool to make fun. But after a little digging…

  5. Greg Huneryager

    Your Bucky comment makes me think of a friends’ comment about the cover to USA Comic #7. It’s the one where they are parachuting into a sea battle. Cap is wearing the parachuting and holding Bucky with one arm (his other, of course, hold his shields). There are tons of planes fighting but most prominent is a big ship that’s shooting at them. Bucky is firing back with a machine gun. My friend’s comment was: I’m Captain America. I don’t kill people. That’s what the sidekick is for.

    • I’ve got a bunch of golden age Captain America comics, and I was always far more bothered by the gun in Bucky’s hand, then the bullets flying over his head. Somehow, the trauma of being shot at can be seen as an adventure, but the trauma of making a young boy shoot and kill people is something that will change him forever. Tom Swift and the Hardy Boys got shot at every now and then, but I don’t recall any of them intentionally killing a human being. It never bothered me that Robin, or Speedy went into danger with their adult counterparts…but Bucky willingness to kill (and Toro, who often did worse) stuck in my skull since I was a kid.

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