LAST WEEK on the ‘net

Monday August 1

Fiona Staples & Andrew Foley signing at Amazing Stories

#9: MAD #1-28, Harvey Kurtzman & Will Elder, Wallace Wood, Jack Davis, et al. from THE HOODED UTILITARIAN


Link Ink: Fanmade Lego ’60s Batcave, Daily Pogs and ‘Tron: Uprising’  from Comics Alliance

The International Best Comics Poll–Index and Introduction from THE HOODED UTILITARIAN

Tuesday August 2

Catching Up With Comic Book Movies: Cowboys and Aliens Flops, Green Lantern Continues from DVDs Worth Watching

Chuck Taine Legion of Superheroes from DC Who’s Who

Wednesday August 3

Rare art of the day: Stig’s Inferno promotional ad by Ty Templeton, 1984. from the adventures of mr. phil

NEW BOOKS: HOLMES INC. #2 from Sequential

Comics and Graphic Novels: Rescuing Howard the Duck from

Year 11~IX Month 7 Reading List from Bleeding Ink

Just in case you forgot who created Captain America from NonSensical Words

Friday August 5

COMIC BOOK LEGENDS REVEALED #326 from Comic Book Resources

Saturday August 6

Cameo: NIGHTWING #15 from We Believe in Harvey Dent

Sunday August 7

Sunday Runaround – Bunnies, Bunnies, Bunnies from Bleeding Cool

Prometheus can clearly see the…  from


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