Coming Attractions Bun Toons. YAY!

Please turn off all cell phones and refrain from talking to your neighbour when reading the cartoons, thank you.

With X-MEN FIRST CLASS, GREEN LANTERN, THOR, CAPTAIN AMERICA and CONAN already running through the theaters this summer, and AVENGERS, BATMAN, SUPERMAN, and TINTIN all on the way, it seems like Hollywood is burning through the comic book properties as fast as they can build sets and hire directors.  After Flash, Aquaman and Namor are finished, they’ll essentially be out of super-heroes to exploit.  But don’t worry, I’ve got connections in the biz, and I know some of the less publicized projects that are currently in pre-production, heading our way next year.  I’ve even done storyboards for one of them (but I’m not allowed to reveal which, thanks to an iron-clad NDA).

But thanks to my sources, I can pre-preview a couple of upcoming films that are in the pipeline that comic fans are going to love.  I know it seems impossible, but I swear, every one of these movies has been scripted, cast, and  is up and shooting right now.  The posters are all going to be in local theaters by December, but you guys get an exclusive here at my blog.

We’re NEVER going to run out of characters to film.

Personally, I’m looking forward to the Yellow Kid.  I love Spike’s work.  And is it just me, or does that look like George Wendt as Bouncing Boy?  He’s a little too old to be called “Boy” at this point.  (Not that Cruise is still a “lad” but he keeps his baby-face good looks as the years go by…)

Ty the Guy OUT!

Here now, your bonus Comic Book Movie Moment:

Apparently there was a Dazzler movie out in the Eighties. Does anyone know if the new one is a remake or a sequel?


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15 responses to “Coming Attractions Bun Toons. YAY!

  1. I am pretty sure that there was not a movie Ty. The Dazzler Graphic Novel was about the character being in her first movie. I don’t know why I remember that but I am fairly sure I am right. I have no idea how you make this character interesting enough to make a movie about her, but I guess anything is possible.

  2. Dear Anonymous:
    You must take everything I say on the blog with a grain of salt. I have this graphic novel, and am quite aware of its contents.

  3. Hey Ty, I think you’re thinking of the Be-Dazzler movie, a chick who goes on a rampage embellishing everything with sequins.

  4. Sorry – hit the return prematurely.

  5. Grain of salt, yes.

    And, for those that do not get it (often me with Ty’s wry wit), there was no movie for Dazzler. It was merely the title of the Marvel Graphic Novel #12, as mentioned above.

    More details are available at:

    You can see in the Synopsis for the story the details that explain the title.


    Steven Willis

  6. My apologies, that last one would have been much more apropos if I had used the term “rye wit” instead…

  7. Will somebody please tell me which bastich to kill to finally get a Lobo movie made?! ‘Cause I suspect Dazzler actually stands a better chance of being made at this point, and I don’t understand this. Lobo is all about gratuitous violence, foul language and misogynistic views of women. He’s perfect for the modern movie audience!

  8. Is that Ricky Gervais as Bouncing Boy?

    No word on the movie about the death of the squirrel Green Lantern entitled “Goodbye, Mr. Ch’p!”? (Sorry.)

  9. Will you be able to tell the world which movie you storyboarded once it’s come out?

  10. I promise, as soon as it’s released, I shall reveal which of these films I storyboarded. (Hint: It’s the only one that’s actually likely to come out…)

  11. Wait, ANY of these might actually come out? That scraping sound you hear is the bottom of the barrel… At least they have the good sense to hire you for storyboards (unless I’m needing another grain of salt here…)

    I like how it’s “James” Shooter on the credits on the Dazzler movie GN. Y’know, cuz it’s a GN, it’s more mature, so he can’t just be “Jim” Shooter. For the Dazzler…movie…GN…oy.

    (I actually met Shooter in the last couple years at a convention, and he seemed like a pretty nice guy with some cool stories. So I’m just being a pill here.)

  12. And here, I’ll be a pill again, with some shameless self promotion:

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