FanExpo Sunday!!

Find Ty at his spot at P-O57A or the Toronto Cartoonists Workshop booth signing copies of Holmes Inc #2, and answering questions.  (And today, I’ll be moderating a Painting Workshop with Jason Edmiston who did the covers for Hoverboy #1, and The Northern Guard. That will be 4-5pm in Room 717.) Keiren

3 responses to “FanExpo Sunday!!

  1. Hi Ty,
    I went to your mini Comic Book Bootcamp at the Fan Expo on Saturday and loved it! Your tips were very helpful for a beginner artist such as myself!

    All the best for the rest of the weekend! 🙂

    • Thanks Colleen. I hope you guys had half as good a time as we did. This weekend was a tiring whirlwind, but worth all the exhaustion and effort. There’s nothing cartoonists like as much as meeting the fans and a chance to talk to something other than our televisions.

  2. I swung by here on a whim to see if you’d actually been posting throughout the convention. And whaddaya know? You have. Ty, you should seriously think about adding an big battery to the back of your Ty Bunny design, because your energy level is intimidating. Really enjoyed our chats this weekend. Hope the kids sold a napkin along the way!

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