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Monday September 19

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Wednesday September 21

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Thursday September 22

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Friday September 23


Saturday September 24

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Sunday September 25

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For I am human, and the flesh is weak. I have a note from my mom for missing yesterday...

Just because I was at death’s door yesterday, fighting back the steely gaze of the grim reaper, it didn’t mean I wasn’t trying to claw my way back to consciousness and create a Bun Toon.  I’m made of sterner stuff than that, ya goldbrickin’ greenhorns.

The third week of the New 52 is out, and because she’s one of my favourite subjects around here, we check in with Catwoman in the new DCU!

I must confess, the new Wonder Woman was sold out when I got to the store, so it’s possible her issue had a different take on the traditional characters.

Ty the Guy OUT!

Here now, your BONUS faceless Catwoman Moment:

See, obscuring Selina's face has always been traditional and empowering.


For more hi-larious bunny rabbit cartoons about the new DCU 52, click above.

For every bun toons ever, including amusements unrelated to DC comics, click the bunny above.

Signal completely lost…

…so there was some sleepy and not-well man wandering around my house looking lost. I eventually tucked him back in bed, and solemnly swore that I would let his faithful followers know that Bun Toons will be up…but not until tomorrow.

Stay strong, Bun Toons Faithful, stay strong!

(Perhaps you could all gather in a room and play a nice game of Jenga while you wait.)


Signal Weak…

…but will soon strengthen.

After a long couple of weeks, Ty’s finding himself a little more buried under his workload than usual (especially after spending four days away in Montreal, two of those at the wonderful Montreal Comicon)…so he asked me to post a quickie message to say,

“Today’s Bun Toon is delayed–but will be up later today!”

Have faith, Faithful Bun Toon Readers…and maybe read some past Bun Toons to fill the void. (Personally, I recommend, “The Honest-to-God True Life Adventures of the Freelancer’s Wife”)


Templeton says, “Don’t Ask! Just BUY it!”

I drewed parts of it.

The Great Lakes Avengers Parts.

Ty the Guy OUT!

Comics of Yesterday and Comics of Tomorrow. Literally.

Here’s one that has to be told today, right now, cause it won’t be yesterday and tomorrow lined up like this any other day.

I picked this Kirby Book up in Montreal THREE DAYS ago.  Love Kirby Collector.  Loved the price.


After getting into my Kirby Zone, I’m strolling along the convention floor and spot this little gem, leaning forward in a dealer’s box, for two bucks.

You're kidding.

It’s the only issue of any 80s Jack Kirby I don’t own.  Wanted to read it for fifteen or twenty years.  Conventions are fun.

YESTERDAY:  I read the book.  It’s GREAT.  I’m reminded how much I love Steve Gerber, the creator of these mad Mallards Of Comics, which included the magnificent Howard the Duck, Stewart the Rat (almost a duck), Destroyer Duck, and others ducks who teamed up with the Savage Dragon that I won’t mention.

Fig 1: why childhood was funny.

Well TODAY is Steve Gerber’s Birthday.

Steve Gerber at a convention. It's all lining up, like the stars.

I find this out because my friend Phil Winslade put up a magnificent drawing of Howard and the gang on his facebook page today in celebration.

Sorry, I don’t know how to link to facebook pages better than that clunky code-paste up there.  I hope it works.

So Happy Birthday Steve Gerber, the great creator of GREAT comics of Yesterday.

Look! I've summed up a human being's life and career with a wacky photo.

Here’s the thing.  When I first went online TODAY  it was supposed to be so I could  promote a comic book that’s coming out


  I got to draw my old pals the Great Lakes Avengers for a chapter of the FEAR ITSELF epic.

So Today is the birthday of an industry giant, who wrote something I read Yesterday, and I’m shamelessly using that celebration to tell a story that promotes a comic I worked on coming out Tomorrow?

What a genuine right bastard I am.  My god.

Go buy the FEAR ITSELF: THE HOMEFRONT comic.  It’s fun, it won’t make you fat, and it can’t harm your family, pets, and furniture.

Ty the Guy OUT!

And now, for your Bonus Comic Book Gerber Templeton Shameless Association Moment:

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Monday September 12

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