DC 52 New Justice League Bun Toons. YAY!

First of a series of one. Collect them all.

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, or unless you mainly read Marvel comics, or unless you don’t care about comics at all, you’ve heard that DC is rebooting with all-new Number #1 comics in an all-new universe, and it started this week.  Is this Earth-3?  Is this Ultimate DCU?  Is this worth reading?  Ty tells all below.


I know how to give the fans what they want.  Now that the TRUNKS of TOMORROW belong to me, you’ll be seeing them around here quite a bit.  If you’re reading the New DC and you feel a little red-underwear-nostalgia, you know where to go.

Ty the Guy OUT!

Here now, you BONUS Superman Junk Cover Moment:

See? The New Superman designs in the comics could be WAAAY worse. It could be THIS latex sausage-hugger sported by Henry Cavill!


For last week's somewhat penis-related bun toon, click the rabbit at the urinal.

For every Bun Toons Ever (many which do not feature male anatomy) click the bunny between the legs.

11 responses to “DC 52 New Justice League Bun Toons. YAY!

  1. This entry was tagged banana hammock. *holds head*

  2. They should change it to the “New 53” and add a Ty book with humor just like that.

  3. Yes! Characterization be damned, the burning question is: where are Supie’s useless external-swimming-trunks?!

    • Hang on…are you implying there was characterization in the new Justice League comic? I mean, I thought it was a fun read, with lovely artwork – a real page turner – but there wasn’t a lick of characterization to be found in it…well maybe a panel or two about Cyborg, but nowhere else.

  4. Eeeeh….. “pretty good”? You call that a “pretty good” comic? I mean… an ’90s sidescrolling fighting game would have a deeper plot and characterization than that comic book.

    And considering your excellent talent for characterization, Ty, I’m quite surprise you called that terrible comic “pretty good”….

    • Yeah, I thought it was pretty good. If you read the comment above yours, you’ll see I wasn’t exactly afire with the characterization either, but you can’t knock the artwork and effort that Jim Lee puts into a comic. That boy comes to work and puts in the sweat equity. I didn’t enjoy WildC.A.T.S. as a comic, nor did I like his run on Superman, but other than that, I still get a guilty pleasure from a Jim Lee comic. And though Johns isn’t Alan Moore, I can follow the story (what little there is) and turn the pages without going “WTF?”, which gets it a rating of pretty good. I didn’t call it magnificent, but I’ll stand behind a “pretty good”. And as for sidescrolling fighting games, why didn’t we ever get a “Joust” movie? Ostrich-riding knights fighting Dragons over a flaming sea of lava has all you need for a summer blockbuster.

  5. I do believe the expression on Mr. Cavill’s face is an apt summary of the “quality” of the new digs.


    Steven Willis

  6. Ty:

    I just got an email with your Grant Morrison/Rag Morales appreciation “Bun Toon”–and like you, The Big Blue Alien From Another World was one of the MOST magical characters of my comics-reading youth, as well (Curt Swan’s version was, and is, the only one for me.) I’d absolutely hated the last Superman movie–even more than I’d abhorred the insultingly bad “The Dork Knight”, where the Bat of Steel bends steel gun barrels with his bare hands, drops off a skyscraper–carrying another person, yet– and lands on the roof of a car, on his back–unhurt (and after one of the bad guys shatters his legs by doing the same, he reappears shortly thereafter–with only a cane and a limp(!) The Joker causing an entire city to be evacuated by blowing up ONE hospital was ludicrous, indeed–but the worst moment of all came when the noble criminals on the ferry put to shame the respectable citizens of good ‘ol Gotham, with their incredible display of moral sense, and integrity! (Oh no!!!!–now all the memories are coming back!!!!) My cousin had treated me to the movie–and I STILL wanted my money back afterward! ( I’d stopped reading both comics a loooooong time ago, btw.)

    After reading what you’d written (and drawn) about The Big Red “S”, however, I’m tempted to actually buy the issue in question! However, I don’t buy DC Comics anymore (in more ways than one…)

    Thanks for the “Bun Toon”! I just love your cute little animal drawings (especially, that is.) There was a shot of a Teddy Bear in a leather jacket posted up at Michel Fiffe’s site that simply ROCKED!!!

    You truly have a gift, my friend–and thanks very much for sharing it!

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