LAST WEEK on the ‘net

Monday august 29

Supergirl from Comicartfans

Bouncing Boy  from Comicartfans

Tuesday August 30

In recovery mode post FanExpo from Joe Shuster Awards

Wednesday August 31

Bragging Rights from RambleBramble’s Weblog

Thursday September 1

A Fan Expo Debriefing from TORONTOIST

Fan Expo 2011 report from Statue Marvels

Random Comics News Story Round-Up from The Comics Reporter

Toronto Fan Expo ’11 from UysFaber

Friday September 2

Spider-Mannotations: Amazing Spider-Man #668, Spider-Island: Deadly Hands of Kung Fu #1 from 80 Page GIANT

Saturday September 3

Third round of Bill Finger sketches—now in color! from Noblemania

Sunday September 4

More NonSense: Relaunch Edition


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