Unsolicited Superman Bun Toons, part 2. YAY!

This is a RAGS to riches story, I'll GRANT you that.

 Presented without comment.  It’s all in the toon.

Ty the Guy OUT!

Here now, your bonus Superman Magic Moment:

I'll bet there's a trick for bending steel with your bare hands that Uri Geller got from this...


For last week's New 52 DC reboot cartoon, click the rabbit's nose.

For Every Bun Toon ever, many of which, do not mention DC comics at all... click the bunny's bread plate

11 responses to “Unsolicited Superman Bun Toons, part 2. YAY!

  1. Seems funny that with all of the griping from fandom for “what was to come” for the DCnU, now that we are actually seeing it the results are being fairly positively received.

    Ahhh, the ironies of life…


    Steven Willis

    • I readily confess I don’t keep up with mainstream comics forums, but I’ve seen skepticism that this relaunch was little more than a marketing ploy–and some confusion over what was still in-continuity and what was out. Both apprehensions seemed reasonable to me; I and many others were fine with the idea, but we wish DC had gone the whole way and outright scrapped the previous 75 years entirely and started from scratch with every character.

      Still, the most prevalent reaction I’ve seen has actually been enthusiasm. Several people I know online have expressed that they’re actually willing to take a chance on monthlies again after years of waiting for trades of the few titles they kept up with at all.

      Though I have to also say that I’ve read more than one strong disappointment over the first week’s releases. Justice League may be gorgeous, but the consensus is that it’s also vacuous. We want this to work, because we want to be excited and enjoy comics again. If nothing else, I give DC credit for making us realize how much a lot of us have missed that monthly enthusiasm.

  2. Like the citizens of Metropolis, we find a certain comfort in taking Superman for granted. We like knowing he’s out there somewhere…but the truth is, we don’t really keep up with him that much ourselves. Maybe we don’t keep up with him because the magic hasn’t been there that often. But so many different creators in various media have handled him over the years that it’s hard not to come to the conclusion that it’s Superman himself that has been the common denominator. I don’t know what the reasons for all this are, I just know I’m as guilty as anyone else of reading for a while and then bailing on the Man of Steel. It’s good to hear positive word of mouth about the character again, though.

  3. That’s great to hear, though Morrison set a ridiculously high bar already with All-Star. I’ll be pleasantly shocked if this reaches that level.

  4. This one was great^^
    And totally right! Great fun book 🙂

  5. Liked the comic too but sad he’s not married anymore. The biggest flaw to the character to me was he was always lying to the people closest to him. It made sense when Lois was pretty much evil in the 40s and then Batman and Superman would get a good laugh out of tricking her into thinking she’d be marrying one of them. But once she became a smart, brave and full character it just makes Superman look like a jerk.

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  7. I thought it was a good read, and breathed new life into Superman.

    Shame about Superman #1

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