Bun Toons Convention Deadlines. Boo!

Ty can't come to the Bun Toons at this time, so please leave your name and number at the sound of the beep.

I’m off at a lovely comic convention in Montreal, having the time of my life, I assume, but not able to make a brand new Bun Toons for today.  I have no access to scanners or Photoshop, so the whole thing is beyond my ability to control.

In the meantime, the least I could do:  I present a collection of Convention Themed Bun Toon from the near and distant past!  You might have read some of these on the blog in the last year or so, but that’s what a re-run is.

I doodled this first one in a sketch book at a convention where no one showed up.  The rest are all true stories.

I hope you guys’ll will forgive me for the indulgence of a re-run for today.  I’ll try to plan ahead for the next convention and see that it doesn’t happen again!

Ty the Guy, OUT (probably 24 hours before you’re reading this automatically timed post).


For all the Bun Toons ever, repeats ALL, at this point...punch the bunny.

8 responses to “Bun Toons Convention Deadlines. Boo!

  1. I wonder if you could get Kevin to draw some of these. . . .

  2. So, I guess this is “Stale Buns” for the morning?


    Steven Willis

  3. I didn’t know you were -also- an actor. That guy may have been a jerk, perhaps, but I can see his point as he must’ve been reasonably envious. While many people strive to meet the salary, you hop from comic book artist, comic book writer, cartoon writer, and now television actor (hey, at least this is the superficial impression).

    Next thing I’ll find out, you’re an astronaut in your spare time.

    • Actually, that leaves out the many years I made my living as a musician (not kidding). I played lounges on piano, did a few gigs as a singer in a R&B and rock band, and played folks houses when that was the only gig available. I`ve even had the bizarre privilege of playing keyboards on a song that went to number one on the country charts….In Sweden. As preposterous as that sounds, it is, in fact, true. I also got to share a single with Alan Moore, who also had musical aspirations in the olden days. As soon as I figure out how to make a digital copy to download from this site, I`ll no doubt put up some of these musical pieces on the blog.

      • @Ty Templeton

        Well then, I suppose you have to get down to it and also become an astronaut.

        And a ninja. Can’t forget that! (A ninja astronaut, perhaps?)

  4. Can’t tell if that guy was trolling or just lacking in manners. Conventions sound like a mixed bundle of fun.

  5. OH MY GOD!! I know who the “Doctor” is and which Star Trek convention you were at in the “Convention Hell” cartoon!! I was at the same frikkin’ convention!! It was one of the earliest we attended together, not long after some of those weekend shows that James Waley held at the Novatel.

    And I think the Red Skull incident was fairly recent. Fan Expo?

  6. @Leonard. That was Omnicon IV, and I have no doubt you recall `the Doctor`as he was a memorable character, and yes, he screeched like a dolphin all weekend, apparently because some character named Darwin did that on Seaquest. The Red Skull at the Urinal was at FanExpo about three or four weeks ago, I may have even mentioned it to you as we were sitting next to each other at that con. You have scored enough points to move onto the lightning bonus round. If you tell me the hotel, the city and the name of the waiter for the `Kevin Fan`, there`s a trip to Cancun and a luxury lounge suite, or the curtain that Carol Merell is standing in front of… By the way, we all missed you at Montreal. It was a hell of a good convention!

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