For I am human, and the flesh is weak. I have a note from my mom for missing yesterday...

Just because I was at death’s door yesterday, fighting back the steely gaze of the grim reaper, it didn’t mean I wasn’t trying to claw my way back to consciousness and create a Bun Toon.  I’m made of sterner stuff than that, ya goldbrickin’ greenhorns.

The third week of the New 52 is out, and because she’s one of my favourite subjects around here, we check in with Catwoman in the new DCU!

I must confess, the new Wonder Woman was sold out when I got to the store, so it’s possible her issue had a different take on the traditional characters.

Ty the Guy OUT!

Here now, your BONUS faceless Catwoman Moment:

See, obscuring Selina's face has always been traditional and empowering.


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  1. Humans like to make sex out to be bad whatever way it is done. The shooter is not the hooker. it is the judgmental human dehumanizing them thinking they are less than he is making him think he can shoot them feeling justified within himself. This is what really happen,and society has taught him to be that way, and if society taught him to be that way society can teach him to not be that way. The hooker beat him up, but did not kill him. A human can have a human have their life flash before them by not throwing a single punch by pining them to the ground, and not doing what could very easily be done.
    Starfire: Sex really is out of this world coming from God who brings all good things from above.

  2. Good knockers.
    We can all be traditional and empowering, right?

  3. It was empowering to read my weekly posting of Bun Toons on this fine Saturday afternoon… Dang, just read the following postings. Now my weekend is completely gone and I did not even realize it.


    Steven Willis

    • BTW Ty, great blocking and layout on this week’s Bun Toons. I was able to describe fully this edition to my old lady, errr, “significant other”, without bothering at all with what the content of the dialog was. Truly great work!

  4. Best commentary I’ve seen on the subject so far! Furthermore, it inspired my fiancee to rant at length about all the people who are celebrating this as harmless cheesecake and why they’re wrong:

  5. Yes, Catwoman traditionally has an obscured face and don’t forget, no neck! Now that’s VERY empowering! (We make sex now?)
    Ty, I always get a big laugh from your strips! You are one of the hidden treasures of comics of today. I can’t wait to see your Bun Tunes collected into a book so that I can laugh my ass off all day! Thanks Ty!

  6. Nicely done Ty! : )

  7. After seeing the last page of Catwoman online, I thought it best to stay far, far away from the book. This is going to make the Jim Balent days look puritanical. Selina’s gonna catch a cold exposing her chest needlessly like that, poor gal!

    Now, you’re just kidding about Waller, right? She didn’t go all Jenny Craig for reals, did she….?

    • As someone who used to draw Amanda during her less than skinny-jeans days, yes, she has in fact, dropped all the weight, and now she’s a stone fox. I have no idea who made that decision.

  8. I actually didn’t mind the sex in Catwoman so much as Catwoman not knowing who Batman was. So much for the Batman books remaining unchanged. So that’s both the development in Catwoman and Batman Inc getting tossed down the toilet so Catwoman can have anonymous sex with a masked stranger. Actually.. considering that.. maybe the sex does bug me because the characterization and scenario is totally messed up. Even if this was another unlabeled flashback to year one, that is messed up.

    Meanwhile, the changes to Starfire.. ugh.. I like the comments that it’s as if someone on a hentai site made a human sex goldfish or a sexed up Dory from Finding Nemo. “Just keep screwing. Just keep screwing.” Ugh. What the hell is wrong at DC? Starfire was a major character in a kids TV show and those fans are just the right age for a teen book starring her. Instead they get this blowup doll of a character. THey know Starfire loved Robin and now she can’t even remember him and sleeps with the guy that tried to kill him? WHAT THE HELL?!

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