Aquaman Bun Toons. YAY!

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I’ve been giving the world my two cents about the DC New 52 for the last few weeks, and I’m not a-stopping now.

Still, he has better name recognition than most of the X-Men.

Ty the Guy OUT!

Here now your BONUS Aquaman Moments:

No we're not.

My friend David Cutler is the biggest Aquaman fan on the planet, so I’m also including a drawing he did of the King of the Seven Seas on his blog.  Too much fun to keep to myself.

I think it's steampunk. He's called "Aqua-Gent"


For last week's bun toon, click on Catwoman's eyes.

For every bun toon ever, click on the bunny's underwater lungs.


11 responses to “Aquaman Bun Toons. YAY!

  1. It did seem rather odd that they were saying this stuff to someone who already paid money for a comic with the word “Aquaman” on the cover.

  2. Did you intend me to hear Patrick Warburton narrating Aquaman’s dialog? ‘Cause I did and it was perfect. I haven’t read Aquaman, nor am I likely to; my comics budget is pretty tight and he’s not a big enough priority. Still, I confess I’ve read four New 52 titles so far and enjoyed them to varying degrees–and it’s been a lot of fun discussing new monthlies again after more than a decade.

  3. I think this “confidence” problem has always existed for Aquaman. His powers just do not seem to compare to so many other superheroes. I think that just taking it as part of who he is makes it much easier to enjoy the stories themselves.


    Steven Willis

    You just described EXACTLY how I felt reading that first issue!

  5. D’aaaawwww, poor little fishie!!

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  7. Perfect! In fact so perfect I just scrapped several hundred words in a review of the comic, as you said it all so much better!!!

    Richard Bruton
    Forbidden Planet International Blog

  8. LOL@the Bun Toons and “Aqua Gent”!
    If it makes Aquaman feel any better, Marvel has Squirrel Girl. Not exactly the “coolest” character around either! 😉

    • HEY! I’ve drawn a bunch of Squirrel Girl episodes in a couple of the GLA comics I’ve done, and even a solo adventure in an AGE OF HEROES issue. We do NOT mock Squirrel GIrl around here. She’s defeated Thanos and Doctor Doom. (To be fair, I’ve also drawn a bunch of Aquaman stories over the years, but somehow, he’s allowed to be mocked.)

  9. He can BREATHE UNDERWATER! And he’s pretty strong. If he existed in real life, people would be all “HOLY SHIT THIS GUY IS AMAZING”

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