Steve Jobs and Charles Napier and Mr. Spock, all in one week!

I’m hardly the place to go for news on the net, but I wanted to comment on the loss of these three from the world this week.

Steve Jobs was one of the architects of the future, mostly by taking advantage of Xerox’s disinterest in marketing the personal computer that Xerox itself invented back in the 70s.  He may not have invented the mouse driven graphic interface, but he knew how to put it into stores and into your house, and helped bring about the world in which you’re reading this on the internet.  Only fifty-six years old when we lost him, so it REALLY SUCKS that he doesn’t get to see what the world he created will look like in the actual future.

Speaking of the Actual Future, us Trekkies just lost a couple of highly important folks as well.

Both of them! Damn it!

The delightful space hippie on the left was played by Charles Napier, who also passed away today.  He’s finally stepping out to Eden, Yea Brother.   Depending on the day of the week, this is my favorite episode of Star Trek.  (Some days it’s City on the Edge of Forever when I’m in a serious place).

The fact that Napier, the squarest-jawed actor in the history of Hollywood,  played this guy with such conviction is a HUGE part of what made this episode special to me, and the song he sang was so wonderful, you’d have to be a Herbert not to enjoy it.

Charles Napier, world's toughest space hippie.

And to round out the set of endings happening recently, Leonard Nimoy announced on the weekend that he was permanently retiring Mr.  Spock.  Leonard Nimoy has had some health troubles and after 80 years on the planet, doesn’t get around as well as he used to.   No more audio books, no more appearances at Star Trek Conventions, he will not be in the new movie, the character is over, unless you count the new guy.

Which we do not.

Obviously, nothing lasts forever, but I need to go hug kittens from all the crappy news today.

Ty the Guy OUT!

Here now your bonus Hugging a Star Trek Kitteh moment.

RED SHIRT?!?! Damn. The fuzzy thing is gonna die.

8 responses to “Steve Jobs and Charles Napier and Mr. Spock, all in one week!

  1. You say “Only fifty-six years old when we lost him, so it REALLY SUCKS that he doesn’t get to see what the world he created will look like in the actual future.” But Jobs was one of those men who brought the future to us. He made the technologies we read about in SF and saw futuristic movies a reality. His work made the impossible, possible. The future was right in front of him all the time.

  2. DON’T DO THAT!!! You said we lost Mr. Spock, and my first thought was that Leonard Nimoy had died, too. I just about lost my s#!t completely. Sheesh.

    • Same here.. Totally lost my sh!t when I thought leonard nimoy passed away

      • Jeez, Ty! Be a little more careful. I was also scared that Nimoy had passed away. My son was bummed about Charles Napier, too. He’s really up on the character actors.

  3. My first real job was working under Steve Jobs at Apple. It is a major blow to see him have passed while still so young.


    Steven Willis

  4. Haven’t been here in a while; read this and just felt my heart drop cause I too thought Leonard Nimoy passed. I’m happy to know he hasn’t, but it’s of course still sad to see him as Mr. Spock end.
    On a side note: The Star Trek cat is love. But I don’t want him to die; he should really change his shirt.

    PS. Hey TY, it’s Squirrel Girl from FanExpo. Drop me a line sometime at (strange e-mail, I know… old one sorta is lost…)

    • Squirrel Girl! YAY!
      I’m afraid that the cat is in deep trouble, not only is it a black cat, but the red shirt curse doesn’t go away just be disrobing. Otherwise security would have the good sense to beam down nude.

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