Meaningless Trivia Contest with NO PRIZES!

For many years, Marvel comics used to give out “No-Prizes” for spotting mistakes in a published story, and then later, for offering SOLUTIONS to a mistake in a published story. A winner actually got NO prize (though sometimes, the office would send an empty envelope with no prize inside.)

So just for today, I’m bring the concept back.  A couple of days ago I accidentally discovered a piece of bizarre trivia while typing up some notes on a script I’m working on, and I’m curious to see if anyone else has ever discovered this odd trivia as well.

That’s the trivia up above.  The photo on the left and the image on the right.  If you know what I’m talking about, this image should be enough to figure it out.

First person to post what I’m talking about in the comments section gets NO PRIZE.  I’m simply curious to see if anyone else knows this odd fact but me.  Ya gots 48 hours.

Ty the Guy OUT!

Here now your bonus clue:

That either made it much easier to figure out, or it hopeless confused you.

13 responses to “Meaningless Trivia Contest with NO PRIZES!

  1. If you held up a lollipop from some distance away from a Delta stewardess, and you could see any of her body on either side of the lollipop, she would be fired for being too fat?

    But how does that album fit in….

    Hm, can’t wait to find out the real answer. And god help us all if that IS the real answer!

  2. Stewardesses, lollipop, and reverberated are the three longest words you can spell out on a QWERTY keyboard using just one hand.

    • Holy COW! That took far less time than I thought. Believe it or not, I actually typed the phrase “a row of stewardesses, each holding a lollipop”, and noticed that two of those words required only one hand to type, and I tried for half an hour to see if there were longer words I could type with one hand. (Reverberated, the one I found when I looked this up, is tied with stewardesses, so that one I didn’t discover on my own…). I discovered this by accident while typing up a Simpsons script, but how the HELL did you find this out, Duy?
      You win NO PRIZE rather quickly!

  3. Oliver Townshend

    Well if we are into QWERTY keyboard trivia, then the a long word you can make out of the top line of keys is Typewriter.

  4. Am I the only one that regularly uses a DVORAK keyboard? I feel so alone…


    Steven Willis

  5. When you have terrible keyboarding skills like me, any word can be spelled with one hand.

  6. @Steve: You might be the only person I know that regularly uses dvorak. It’s all about peer pressure, my friend, and qwerty boards are standard. I’m not sure I’ve even seen the other keyboard on sale at the computer store, though I have seen the ergonomic boards that are angled, they’re still the basic qwerty system. @Norm: I feel for you, man. I was a hunt and peck guy until my thirties, and as someone who wrote scripts fairly regularly, it was taking up WAAAAY too much of my time, so I bought a children’s “You can type” instruction/video game program that moved me from twenty words per minute to about seventy five in less than three months. Best time investment ever.

  7. Just for the record, I type EVERY word on my qwerty keyboard with just one hand, hell you’re lucky if I use more than one finger 🙂

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