Unseen Batman Art…unseen by me, at least.

A good number of years ago, I had the lovely privilege of getting to draw a McDonalds Happy Meal box (original art for sale HERE) featuring Batman, Robin and their supporting cast of villains.   I was sent a set of the toys available with the promotion…

And I still have the original artwork (which you can see for sale on this very blog…).  But I never got a chance to see the actual box itself as it was only part of an American promotion, and we didn’t get the boxes here in the Northern land of frozen igloos and French hockey.    But at a convention a couple of months ago, I was given a copy of the box in mint condition from a fan.  Very Cool!

That’s the “front” (if there is such a thing on a Happy Meal Box).

And that’s the back.  I’m delighted with how it looks in colour, and delighted that my copy is flat, and free of French Fry grease.  It’s one of the few things I’ve done that I never had a copy of, and though it was a long wait, I’m really happy to have the box.

Of course it turns out, I could have bought one off of ebay for two bucks.  But how was I to know?

As for today, I’m back to work drawing Batman doing something awful with a toaster, I’ll let you know when it’s coming out (soon, I hope).

Ty the Guy OUT!

Here now, your bonus Gotham City/McDonalds moment.

6 responses to “Unseen Batman Art…unseen by me, at least.

  1. Ummm, loving eating my unhealthy, grease-laden, salt-lick imitation french fried potatoes scraped from your life’s work.


    Steven Willis

  2. Not to be a smarty-pants or nothin’ but those Catwoman and Penguin cars are from a Batman Returns promotion. The B:TAS set included Batgirl, Riddler, Batman and Catwoman figures along with the cars. Here’s what I assume is a complete set:

    Do you have all the figures as well Ty?

    • Yeah, I have those figures, on the same shelf with my cars, in fact. Forgive me for getting the order of the toys in the wrong timeline. I knew they were all B:TAS toys from MacDonalds, and mixed up which boxes came with which. Thanks for the toy-geek kung fu correction!
      Ty the Guy

  3. No Ty, forgive me for forgetting that you’re THE GUY, and you obviously know the difference between Batman Returns merch and B:TAS merch. Anyone who would list La Belle Michelle as the #1 best Catwoman would be able to recognize that’s her driving the awesome kitty car.

    To this day, I wish I could have seen the looks on the McD’s merchandising people’s faces when they actually saw BR for the first time, and realized kids would be too freaked out by the content to want toys. I loved it, mind you….

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