LAST WEEK on the ‘net

Monday October 10

Bun Toons by Ty Templeton and my Meta-Monday. from NO ONE EQUALS DOOM (really–can you ever be too meta?)

Thursday October 13

Prisoners of Gravity: Violence (Part 1 of 3) from pabonangelica

Friday October 14

Comic book industry hopes to rebound through digital distribution from COMMERCE TIMES

Stars of the New 52 Speak Out from COMICS CAVERN

Cajita feliz de Batman por Ty Templeton. from NO ONE EQUALS DOOM

Ask Chris #76: Batman’s Halloween Costume from Comics Alliance

Saturday October 15

Comic Book Pick of the Day: Simpsons Comics #18 from More than you want to know about comic books!

Sam & Max (among others) Hit The Beach! from scans_daily


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