Bun Toons for the Family! YAY!

Smarten up, young man, or I'll put you over my knee!

Some friends of mine recently became pregnant with their first child, and they’re nervous about the experience.   I have four kids, ranging from 25 down to 10 years old, and this old pro knows what he’s doing.   Like all my “Honest-To-God Adventures” every word of this story is true.

Anyone who needs some advice on child rearing, now you know where to turn.


Here now, your Bonus Batman, Spider-man, Wonder Woman, Cake Moment:

Because everything exists if you google it.


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7 responses to “Bun Toons for the Family! YAY!

  1. I guess this one requires some of those parentage hormones…


    Steven Willis

  2. My little guy is a big Thor (the comic book) fan and my 1 yr old, Kaylee Jayne, just said Artoo today. Makes ya weep.

    • It’s when you know you’ve raised them right. One of my kids rebelled against his father by preferring Spider-Man back when I worked on Batman, and then when I did some Spider-Man stuff, he liked Batman. So far NONE of them give a crap about sports or car racing (even though I used to be the biggest Toronto Blue Jays fan walking the earth, there’s no posters up in the house so they haven’t twigged to it yet.)

  3. I LOVED this comic. My 7-years old niece has been under my nerd tutelage from the earliest age, is currently a HUGE Donna Troy fan, and the other day she complained that my “Amazonia” Wonder Woman action figure looked too much like Queen Hippolyta for her tastes.

  4. I’ve been telling my kid Superhero Origins as bedtime stories since she was 1 years old. She’s 3 and a half now and has a preference of WHICH origin of Superman’s she likes. She asks for it by the writers’ names.

    I’m so proud.

  5. I don’t think kids liking superheroes is all that odd….. (in America, I mean. Now, you try to be a father who gets your sons to like superheroes HERE, in Italy.)

    I recall one of my afternoon lessons. I was teaching the class how to write physical descriptions in English. I doodled Super-Skrull on the blackboard and the excercise was to describe him. Good times!

  6. Neither of my children of like comic books, art, Shonen Knife or hockey, despite my best attempts at indoctrination. I feel like their unshakable individuality represents my failure as a father.

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