Just dropping in…

I’ve been busy up the wazoo lately, finishing up some pages for a Simpsons issue and teaching at the Toronto Cartoonists Workshop, and wrapping up the fixes of the fixes of the notes of the Bill Finger: Secret C0-Creator of Batman book, and playing with some Hoverboy ideas…and buying a new car to replace the one that died by the side of the road from last week (well, my wife did all that work, but I got to be consulted a few times.)  So I figured, after a flurry of activity, I’d have a couple of days of down time to put together a big blog entry about the ten weirdest comic book deaths,  best super-hero nipple slips, or the greatest inkers of all time….something fun that you guys deserve…

…When I was asked yesterday if I had time to do one of those DREAM gigs that you pinch yourself when it comes in.    I’ll promote it like a crazy monkey when I’m allowed to, but in the meantime, I have a couple of fourteen hour workdays ahead of me to make room for this new bit of fun.

Damn, I love my job sometimes.  Even if it pulls me away from my delightful blog for a day or two.

Ty the Guy OUT!

Give me a couple of days, and the super-hero nipple slips will get their due, I promise!

Good Lord!  Ty wasn’t kidding?!?  There are actual super-hero nipple slips?!?


2 responses to “Just dropping in…

  1. Is there more information about the Bill Finger book in progress? I am very, very interested to read it when it comes out.

  2. I do truly hope you enjoy your brand new, newly restored Yugo…


    Steven Willis

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