You are all at my mercy...and Doom HAS no mercy.

If this one doesn’t speak for itself, then I have no business cartooning.  It’s a spiritual sequel of sorts to a BUN TOON I did for DC Comics a few years back. It seems only fair that Marvel gets a shot.

Ah, but you knew the winner going in.

Wait, does this mean Christmas season is upon us?  It IS the moment of DOOM.

Ty the Guy OUT!

Now, here’s your BONUS Doctor Doom Christmas moment:

Courtesy of John Byrne, the comic industry's "Mr. Christmas".


For last week's childish Bun Toon click here.

for every sophisticated, adult Bun Toon ever, click the mature bunny.

**UPDATED:  for every Christmas Toon, and the Christmas lists from last December check out CHRISTMAS with TY

12 responses to “DOCTOR DOOM BUN TOONS. YAY!!

  1. Very Cool! I love the part about the guards bringing Milk and Cookies!

  2. Damn you Templeton. I rubbed my old tired eyes for a few panels until I realized the snow — or is that chimney ash? –was on the computer. I love this strip.

  3. SUBMIT! SUBMIT TO THE WILL OF DOOM!! Right after reading the next panel, I started chuckling–and at the end: BIG LOL!!!

    Thanks, Ty–BRRRRILLIANT!!!! (Baby, it’s cold outside…)

    MERRY CHRISTMAS, YOU SUBLIMELY TALENTED ELF, YOU!! –And I mean that with all the LOVE in the world!! GOD BLESS YA!

  4. Isn’t it more accurately “Two minutes of Doom?”

  5. I might have to Oxyclean that from my mind so I do not laugh myself into breaking a rib.


    Steven Willis

  6. OMG, that 6th panel! “Ho.” ZAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAP “Ho.”
    So much win.

  7. All I could hear was this innoccent giddy voice once Doom said “You read my letter” He’ll smell great for the new year.

    • The voice was giddy, sure. But “innocent”? Doom has no innocence. The voice was always the voice of Doom, just a giddy sort of Doom.

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  9. This was easily the best “Christmas Special” tale I’ve ever seen, movies, tv shows and comic one shots comprised!

  10. Aw yeah, NOW we’re talking!! This is the Ty Templeton I admire!

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