Annoyed Ranting Bun Toons YAY!

I have a lawn, and you kids are getting OFF it!

Behold the crankiest of human beings known to science:  a middle aged fanboy with a complaint.

Actually, next week is Christmas, and we’ll be facing the empty promises involved with THAT.

Ty the Guy OUT!

Now your BONUS moment of comic books supporting the troops.

Soldiers passing out Superman comics which explain to the locals how to safely deal with land mines.


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14 responses to “Annoyed Ranting Bun Toons YAY!

  1. Yay Kirby! I wonder what he’ll do!

  2. I admit, the final panel did actually surprise me and make me laugh. Grog, I love Bun Toons!


    Steven Willis

  3. And so goes the NEW DC 52! 😛
    Ah Ty you are so right and nifty! : )

  4. I dunno. While I still greatly appreciate the -concept- of superheroes, nowadays I can’t find anymore any good -actual- superhero stuff to enjoy. The cartoons? They’re ok but they’re simple and only for kids, they aren’t like Batman The Animated Series used to be. The movies? They’re so bad I actually think the cartoons have better writing and take themselves more seriously. The comics? Let’s…. let’s not not talk about it please.

    I want to read something as well-written and pleasant as the “Batman Black and White” series was…. or some of the comics in the “Joker’s Asylum” series.

    So yeah, my lil’ rant seems unrelated to the topic of this blog post, but that was just to say that it’s not just a matter of being uninspired copycats of each other: modern comic books are just BAD.

  5. Kirby coming back like that would be awesome. Just like those troops passing out Superman comics.

  6. Actually, I have to ask: To what extent is this “compulsive disorder” the product of “lazy, hack writing” and to what extent is the consequence of uninspired, formulaic editorial direction? I ask because I have to believe somebody overseeing these various books ought to at least be aware that other books being published by the same publisher were going to do these same things. I’m not looking to give the writers a pass, mind you, but it seems to me that there are editors for a reason: chiefly, to guard against lazy, hack writing. Either someone is really lax about this, or their definition of “lazy, hack writing” is dubious at best.

    But, of course, I’m merely a reader. I’d be very interested to hear any thoughts that either our illustrious cartoonist or his colleagues might have regarding the extent to which editors ought to bear the brunt of such criticisms.

  7. I have a few of the Superman comics (printed in Cyrillic, though still managed to make out the story) those troops were handing out in the photo above; an uncle of mine served in Bosnia and sent me some…

    • I have a copy in English (can’t recall where I got it…). DC does some good in the world. We have to put on our thinking caps and forget that the reasons these comics are needed in the first place is that most of those mines are either manufactured and sold from the United States, or physically placed into mine fields by Americans forces. The way a Samurai Sword is a Japanese weapon, the land mine is American.

  8. Justice League isn’t about a superhero returning from the dead. This reboot is about reintroducing the characters and perhaps unfortunately, the method DC uses for this is the same as the Dead-Hero-Returns-Splash-Page. Best riff “Please don’t tell me you’re just some guy in a Bat costume.”
    Of greater concern is the absence of anything but fighting plotlines in the centers of all these stories. Persons of extraordinary ability fighting monsters and/or each other is so “8th Century BC.” Homer’s Odyssey is better written, though not with pictures. The entire #2 issue of Supergirl is concerned with Supergirl and Superman slugging it out. Really? This is the lazy, hack writing. And don’t get me started about the overexposure of Batman. The only venue where he doesn’t appear is Archie. For a non-superhero he has some super scheduling powers.
    How about some real stories that don’t involve villains on steroids, or elemental forces of nature tricked up in spandex or some Darth Vader wanabe sending his hoards out to terrorize small children?

    • Everything is Giraffe on a Hovercraft writing lately.

    • Yeah, I’m aware they’re not “dead” heroes arriving on the last page of each issue of Justice League, but the rhythm is identical. It’s just so tiring to see the same bit, the same trope, the same rhythm showing up eight times a month. There should be editors spotting this sort of thing and bringing it up at meetings. And the “overwhelming alien invasion” bit is so overused, when it became the central plot of FF and Fantastic Four these last three months, I barely noticed it happening. “Oh? Another pan-dimensional invasion force? We need to call the Avengers and the X-Men to help? Okey doke. What’s for lunch?”

      Sigh. It’s not just that I’m old. It’s that they’ve given up trying, right?

      • Well, Doctor Who did it so often that one of the characters said that London was deserted at Christmas because it seemed every year there was some new aliens coming to attack. It’s not just comics… 🙂 Just sayin’.

  9. Ty!
    The end of every year on my blog, I do a week of last issues of various books. (Some, like a lot of 90’s Marvel lasts, are pretty dire.) It used to be, that could be the last time you ever see those characters, and you might get some closure. Now, if a book gets cancelled, it gets relaunched before the year is up; and the trend seems to be if something was good enough to get a comic once, it’ll get a comic again. I’m all for Doom Patrol or Xombi or Static getting another chance, but we live in a world where Claw the Unconquered has been published more than once.

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