LAST WEEK on the ‘net

Monday December 12

Guardatevi anche il fumetto di Templeton su Miller (via Special Bonus Frank Miller Bun Toons Extra! from  il blog de Cristian Conti

On the Stands: MAD #513 from The MAD BLOG

Tuesday December 13

This week at your comic shop – 12/14/2011 from The Daily P.O.P.

Comic Review: Holmes Incorporated #2 from geek girls network

Wednesday December 14

What now? from Cemetery Street

Artwork for Superman/Batman Magazine #1 (1993) by Ty Templeton from Keane on Comics

Friday December 16

Year One  from The Bleeding Tree

Sunday December 18

Ty Templeton Gets Last Page Rage! from Comic Taste

Terrific poster by Ty Templeton of everybody’s favourite Big Red Cheese, forSuperman/Batman Magazine. from Keane on Comics

Sunday Runaround – Back From The Dead from Bleeding Cool

Speed Reading:  Weekend link blogging!  from SPEED FORCE


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