Number #1 Bun Toon of the YEAR! (And the bestest failure, too)YAY!

And now, that day has come, and so we face, the final curtain… on 2011.

Most of the people I know said this  year was one of the worst they’ve ever gone through.  I’ve had my own ups and downs, but my family is intact, we didn’t lose a cat or a grandparent, I’m still employed in the comics industry, and so far as I know, I don’t have brain tumours or a contract killer after me, so I’m calling the whole thing a win.   (But I score differently than most people; I never count the errors or forces, and don’t even pick up the pencil when it’s a southpaw.)

Speaking of the Score:  It’s time for the top Bun Toon of the Year…beating out such contenders as “Charlie Sheen vs. Galactus”, “Ma Kent vs. Aunt May” and “Everything You Need To Know about Thor In Four Panels”…we present the Thrilla with Frank Milla…

(Above is a MUCH cleaner copy than the one that went online originally).

A few people pointed out that Frank looked more like he was auto-fellating himself than inserting his skull into his bowels in my cartoon, which is a fair point anatomically, but moot satirically.  I’m good with his depiction either way.

My last line up there… “I used to love you, Frank.”…you don’t know how true that is, ladies and gents.  Watching Frank Miller turn into the current version of himself is like watching a beloved Uncle pee on the shrubs at a wedding.  And I mean the front shrubs, in the yard that faces the road.  At the Church.  Without undoing his fly first so it goes all down his pant leg and everything.

Cut it out, Frank, and find a rest room.

ALSO:  This came with the post, so you gets is again:

A contribution I did for Gail Simone's "You'll All Be Sorry" column from a couple of years ago.


That Frank Miller strip up there took me less than an hour –  from idea to putting it online where it was read by tens of thousands of people, we’re talking maybe 45 minutes (you probably noticed Frank never moves, and there’s no backgrounds either, two tricks of the lazy cartoonist!).

But the Bun Toon below took more than six or seven hours, by far the longest I’ve ever spent on one.  It was done mostly in lieu of sleep over a couple of nights, and it was maybe the most fun I had on a webcomic entry so far.  The poor thing did no traffic when it went up though, and has stayed at the bottom of the hit parade ever since.

Lesson learned:    Effort is for squares.  Just whip it off, baby, and you’ll get your reward.

NOTE: The premise here, explained in the original post, was that I was privy to some inside information about the next six comic book movies coming out of Big Time Hollywood because I was working on one of them, doing storyboards.

I can now reveal which film I was storyboarding for release in 2012.  It’s the Christian Bale Thunderstrike picture.  Look for it in local theatres in the coming year.

That’s it for 2011, bunny people.  Come by in 2012 and I promise we’ll be just as lightweight and meaningless, only better.

Now, wrapped in bacon.

Ty the Guy OUT!!

9 responses to “Number #1 Bun Toon of the YEAR! (And the bestest failure, too)YAY!

  1. scott (the other one)

    Thanks for a great year of Bun Toons, guy. Here’s to more brilliance in 2012.

  2. I’m glad you ran the losers, ’cause I missed The Yellow Kid poster, and it’s just plain brilliant. (Tom Cruise as Matter-eater Lad is just plain terrifying.)

    Happy New Year!

  3. With an introduction by Billy Graham, how could we not pay 30 pieces of silver for that Frank Miller ge(r)m?


    Steven Willis

  4. HAPPY NEW YEAR, TY!!!!!!!

    Thanks for the many, many hours of laughter– tears of joy included!!

    Always the BEST 2 U and yours!!!


  5. …Von Eeden (aka “Anonymous”)–in answer to: “Trevor Who…?” Forgot to fill in the info, pre-post.

    Thanks for the (GREAT) memories, Ty!!!!!!!

  6. David T.G. Riches

    Thanks for the fun times Ty, and have a Happy New Year too while your at it.
    BTW I was thinking Jake Gyllenhaal, or Harland Williams as Bouncing Boy if you think about it.

  7. The Thunderstrike poster is hillarious!

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