Magic Powers Bun Toons YAY!

Look deeply into my eyes, for I know secrets...

Last week’s Bun Toon, I looked back on all my broken promises to myself.  This week, I look forward and promise you all….TOMORROW!!

This might be most most shameless plug ever. (In case I’m not blunt enough, I’ll be working on one of those predictions this year… Self promotion is a sickness.)  See you in the funny papers.

Ty the Guy OUT!

Here now, your BONUS Fortune Teller Comic Book Moment:  The first issue of World’s Finest I ever bought is often cited as the worst story ever to appear in an issue.

I predict you’ll hate it if you read it!

For Last Week's Equally Magical Bun Toon, click the fat bunny in the car.

For Every Bun Toon ever, click the svelte rabbit with the pastry.

8 responses to “Magic Powers Bun Toons YAY!

  1. Nothing with go-go checks could be bad. However, as much as I love Curt Swan on this era of Superman, his Batman was just plain wrong. Just like Anne Hathaway as Catwoman looks like Curt’s Lois Lane in a Hallowe’en costume.

  2. Very depressing Bun Toons, I must say. But, considering that is part of the point, Bravo Ty!

    And, dang, the Swedes look like they are in a very painful position.


    Steven Willis

    • Wait…why is it depressing? Only one of those is going to come true, right? And how is a new Spider-Man title taking off and being a big hit depressing? I’m not sure you’re using that word correctly.

      • LOL! I read the USM piece and the vision that formed in my mind was it bringing Marvel to an end with over-investment and over-commitment. Seemed funnier that way though I am a big S-M fan. I guess my mind is somewhat dysfunctional.


        Steven Willis

  3. I assume the prediction you’re involved with is designing the cape for President Gingrich’s inauguration? Congratulations, but I hope you’ve got a backup plan in case that one doesn’t pan out. Maybe a comic or something!

    • Are you kidding, Richard? Who do you think owns the trademark on Bow-Tie Cat? I’m no fool. I can think of at least eight other body fluids Bow-Tie Cat can spill on things that rhyme with “that”. That’s the million dollar idea that’s catapulting me to the big time if the caped look doesn’t work for the next President. (The election is a shoe-in for Gingrich, I figure at this point. Romney just shot a man in Detroit for interrupting his lunch. It was on the news.)

  4. Caucasian Gingrich, or the new biracial Ultimate Gingrich?

  5. Missed the news over the weekend! Congrats on the gig!

    Bow-Tie Cat will be huge!

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