The Continuing Adventures of Bun Toons! YAY!

Look at that cute rabbit...who couldn't love a cute rabbit?

It’s been a bit of a week around here.  Traffic picked up just a tad.

Ty the Guy OUT!

Here now, your Comic Book Bunny surrounded by enemies on all sides Bonus!

Who better? My Bunny Hero!


Click here to read last week's bun toon. But let's be honest. You already read it.

Click here to read every Bun Toon ever. That would be nice.


Steve Niles has a donation page up on his website, DONATE TO GARY FRIEDRICH

Neal Adams has asked pros to donate artwork for an auction to benefit Gary:  A LETTER FROM NEAL ADAMS

And, as always, The Hero Initiative is always in there fighting the good fight to help out comic book creators in need. (Jim McLaughlin explained what’s being done to help in an interview on SCOOPHero Initiative Helping Gary Friedrich).


15 responses to “The Continuing Adventures of Bun Toons! YAY!

  1. I love panel beats before a punchline. Good laugh.

    As for the matter of the situations… yeah, no, not gonna go there. (:

  2. Ty…Ted Hanes here…You may be on the wrong side of this issue.I certainly don’t have all the answers..but I truly believe you don’t have anything but a kind heart…At least that was the friendly, helpful, good natured Ty Templeton of twenty years ago that came to all of my and John Biernat’s Torontocons. Flash point topic….I think everything we can just do to help raise a few bucks for Mr. Friedrich is the best path to follow…Take care….Ted

    • Thanks, Ted. I appreciate the kind words.
      Thanks for the reminder about helping out Gary Friedrich–I had posted the link last week, but I will add them again today.

  3. I really like your wife’s “fluffy tail”.

    Well, not that I look more closely, Ty, I really like YOUR “fluffy tail”.


    Steven Willis

  4. Errr, that should be a “now” in there and not a “not”…

  5. I really enjoyed this week’s strip, sometimes they have so much text that I say I am going to come back to it later and forget, but this week had a lot of breathing room where I could finish it then continue to check my e-mail.

  6. People are weirdos, Ty. Keep up the good work!

  7. My first reaction to the whole Freidrich brouhaha was “how dare they!” Your toon, and some other things that I read caused me to rethink that somewhat. The thing that still gets me, I guess, is that Marvel/Disney ONLY counter-sued Gary for $17 grand. Still seems kind of petty and spiteful to me. I mean, if they were trying to recoup their legal fees, why not go for the whole enchilada? It kind of reminds me of “the Air Pirates” case. Hell, they sued those guys for more money than a bunch of underground will see in their whole lives! To me, the message remains, “Don’t screw with us, or we’ll squash you like a bug.”

  8. lefty891,
    Marvel didn’t counter sue Gary FOR the $17 grand. They counter sued Gary to PROTECT their copyright. $17 was the amount that was awarded. Gary sold merchandise (T-shirts & prints/posters) at cons OF a Marvel Owned character and that was brought up during the case– IF Marvel did NOT defend against that DURING the case, it would have set a precedent to allow OTHERS to produce and sell unlicensed T-shirts & prints/posters as well. Does that make sense?

  9. Actually, “Anonymous” (if that is your real name ;-))
    I agree with you in principle. My comments were meant to address the public perception, rather than the letter of the law. Of course, Marvel has every right to stop anyone from selling what amounts to bootleg merch. Unfortunately, this may have certain chilling effects on ‘artists alley’, which I don’t think they really intend.

  10. I like that it looks like your child grows up to be Usagi.

    • You haven’t seen my eldest son in a while. He’s six foot three, with arms like a super-hero, and he owns quite a few swords (doesn’t really know how to use them, though…). Still, he looks the part.

  11. Well at the very least I hope you learned your valuable lesson about having an opinion about something because only the internet knows what’s truly right.

  12. You can run but you can’t hide. After all, your wife knows where you live…
    Yes, makes sense Marvel counter suing to protect their propertie. But still, it’s seems like the fun it’s vanishing from the comics realms. The Siegel and Shuster’s case, the Kirby’s catastrophe, DC’s over Moore’s works. Not to mention Marvel over Dave Stevens or Steve Gerber… I mean. Something is really wrong. A diamond may be pretty, but you stop likking them when you discover all the shed blood behind it. Thanks God for creator owned comics. You know, the gud ones. He.

  13. Oops, lot of mistakes up there. But the idea’s core remains.

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