Under The Hoodie Bun Toons. No Yay, whatsoever.

Time to break someone's nose again.

If you’ve seen the news in the last few days, this needs no introduction.

Most of the business criminals who destroyed the economy were wearing a suit and tie just like Mr. Rivera.  I advise my kids not to wear a suit, or people might think they were an ACTUAL gangster.  The clothes make the man, Geraldo, but I sincerely hope no one shoots you because they feel threatened.

Ty The Guy OUT!

Here now, your Geraldo Rivera Comic Book Bonus:

As god is my witness, this comic tells the tale of a TV reporter opening Count Duckula's vault.


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9 responses to “Under The Hoodie Bun Toons. No Yay, whatsoever.

  1. Thanks for this post Ty and the great drawing.
    The killing of Trayvon Martin just broke my heart.
    It just brought to mind the lynchings of black men that happened in the South.
    This story has been reveling on so many levels, and sadly it has brought out the ignorant and racist in some.
    I hope that Trayvon gets justice.

    • I have a son exactly Trayvon’s age. I cannot see this story with anything approaching calm. I am livid with rage that the monster who shot him is still a free man as of today.

  2. excellent work.

  3. Well, I asked for the flatulence and I seem to have gotten it. Thanks for keeping it unexpected, Ty, giving it to us from Geraldo instead of the bunny.


    Steven Willis

  4. And ugly mustaches get you hit with chairs.

    • In general, I loathe “neo-nazi skinheads”. But I will admit to getting a certain mean-spirited kick out of Geraldo getting his nose busted.

  5. Stephen Colbert, John Stewart and their talented writing teams managed to work some laughs into their coverage of this awful story last night, and I was frankly surprised. Didn’t think anything about these events could be less than heartbreaking, but then good writers can get you laughing even when it’s the furthest thing from your mind. And as for Geraldo…you’d really think he’d have known better after all these years in the media. Think before you speak. A hoodie is to blame? Yeeesh.

    • I did not get to see the Daily Show yesterday but I did see The Colbert Report and the section that he did on The Word.
      It was brilliant and cutting satire and Stephen Colbert and his writers have a cutting biting wit. He made me laugh and he made me think and that is a brilliant combination!

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