The New Mascot Design.

As I mentioned yesterday, on the first of the month, I had to get rid of the Bunny Mascot as part of a legal settlement.   Here’s the new design I’m going with…

I greatly appreciate all the well wishing for my good fortune.  But of course, the real good fortune is that the bunny is going nowhere.

Unless, of course, someone showed yesterday’s post to the ACTUAL legal department at Ty Inc, and they didn’t find it funny.  Let’s hope that doesn’t happen, at least until next year.

I so totally wish these were real. I think my daughter wants one.

Ty the Guy OUT!

Here now, your BONUS April First Comic Book Moment:

7 responses to “The New Mascot Design.

  1. Damn! Advancing age has clearly lowered my ability to discern when I’m being HAD! I forwarded yesterday’s news to a bunch of friends…not even realizing it was April 1st.

    It was extremely well done — and I’m not just saying that to save face. Or am I?

  2. Oh you naughty naughty bunny you!

  3. Won’t the new mascot be more complicated for you to draw and slow down your already fast progress as a result? Is the fish on a hook a part of the new mascot or is that added decoration for illustration? Is it still going to be called bun toons after this or will it be no carbohydrates toons instead? Well at least your mother will be proud of you and your kids can borrow an allowance without feeling like they are robbing the supply cupboard. Good for you!

  4. Actually the fish was added because J. Bone informed me that in French, April Fool’s is known as “Les Poissons d’Avril”, which means The Fish of April. I assume it’s because of the concept of a lure and “hooking” someone that it got the name. More learned heads than I know the answer, but that’s where the fish came from.

    As the Fool Costume? I wear it year round in my home, it was only fair I dressed the bunny up in my professional outfit at least once to take a bow.

    To us professional fools, April First is kind of our Christmas.


    Ty the Guy

  5. I can see why! It’s red and green…and those appear to be jingle bells.

  6. Nice job, Ty! It was believable enough that I totally IGNORED the date and took it at face value.

  7. I am disappointed that the delight I felt in your good fortune was for naught. And that I was such a sucker. Oh well… the joke, as they say, is on you!

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