Bun Toons will be seen Tomorrow! (On Easter)

Hey everyone!  Since Easter Sunday is officially BUNNY DAY around the Western World,  I traditionally save my toon until tomorrow on this special holiday for us rabbits.  I’ve already seen it, it’s a funny one, but it belongs on Bunny Day, so patience, please.

In the meantime, here’s LAST YEAR’S  Easter Bun Toon, in case the lack of a Saturday comic strip is a hardship for some.

Ah, I was just kidding around.  The Easter Bunny and I are great friends.  We hang out together and stuff.

See you tomorrow.  Bring carrots and food colouring, kay?

Ty the Guy OUT!

Here now, your BONUS bunny…

I'm late? Fashionably, I'm sure.

3 responses to “Bun Toons will be seen Tomorrow! (On Easter)

  1. But, I thought you sold the license for “the bunny”…


    Steven Willis

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