Calgary–I’m on my way!

This Friday, I’ll be heading off to the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo for the first time ever. I’m pretty excited to be there–for a couple of years various friends like Gibson Quarter and Yanick Paquette have told me that I have to go. (In fact, I’ll be on a panel with Yanick, and Whilce PortacioThe Art of Batman)

The cast of Star Trek:  The Next Generation will be reuniting for the show. I got to write a list of my favourite things about Next Gen for the show’s program booklet–when I get back, I’ll post it here.

If you go–keep an eye out for me, come by and say hello. I’ll have some of my sketchbooks (if I run out, I’ll take names and addresses for anyone who wants one, and Keiren will ship them out, when I get back), and original artwork. I’ll be bringing the pages from the first issue of Ultimate Spider-Man Adventures #1–still looking around my studio to see what else I find in the piles of papers there.

And I’ll be bringing a copy or two of Bill the Boy Wonder:  The Secret Co-Creator of Batman, written by Marc Tyler Nobleman and illustrated by me. It’s available for pre-order right now (not coming out until July 4) so this is the only way you can get a good look at it!

4 responses to “Calgary–I’m on my way!

  1. Woah, are ALL of the cast members from Next Gen going to be there??

    (hope you’re having fun Ty!)

    • Yup. The entire cast, including Wesley, Q and Tasha. No one was left out, except a bunch of fans when they oversold the event. (Some VERY angry people were refused entry by the fire marshal, even those who had purchased five hundred dollar tickets in advance, because some damn fool let in the pay-at-the-door people until the building was over capacity, forgetting the essential promise included in an ADVANCE TICKET!!)

  2. Oh…they must have been cheeeesed off! Love that Q and Tasha were there (and that Stewart still makes himself available to fans, given all his cred). Did you get to attend the panel/take a group photo?

    • Ty Templeton

      No, I was usually very busy all weekend, never a moment to stop sketching or really walk around the building. Quite nice to be appreciated, actually.

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