Avengers Bun Toons! YAY!

Bunny Brigade Assemble!

I’ve been so busy making Spider-Man comics for the last couple of days that I  didn’t get a chance to see the latest Marvel Blockbuster until yesterday.  Overall, I liked it, but I still found at least…



I wished Hawkeye had been written a little better, and I think Captain America didn’t have much useful to do in the final battle, and Loki wasn’t as strong here as he was in the Thor movie, but the great stuff with Black Widow and the terrific scenes with team all together, more than made up for the shortcomings.  Avengers isn’t the BEST Marvel movie (that’s still Iron Man), but it’s a really fun ride for your buck.

Ty the Guy OUT!

Here now,  your BONUS Avengers Adaptation Comics Book Moments:


My favourite Avengers cover I ever got to draw. It featured Devil Dinosaur and the phrase “Dino-FIghting Action”, which is all this young cartoonist could wish for.

My second favourite…mostly because I got to write “Evil scientists stole my love” on the bottom left. I have a “thing” for cover blurbs.


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10 responses to “Avengers Bun Toons! YAY!

  1. Greatest Covers Ever.

  2. Flying space turtles!? What was up with that? All I’m sayin’.

    • Flying space turtle-centipedes, I believe. And I won’t defend those, they were as disappointing as the fat Namor Guy.

  3. Fun post as usual. ; )
    I have not seen the Avengers film because I am not a Marvel fan, but I will be seeing the latest Spider-man film, he is a character that interests me.
    I think Ty that deep down you would love to illustrate the cover and comic for those young romance comic books that were done for impressionable females back in the 60’s. I really think sadly that you have missed one of your callings because your BW &HE cover is pretty nifty and right on par with those. ; )
    Happy Victoria Day!! : )

  4. Deep down? Heck no, I freely admit I love those old covers from the romance books. I have a couple of them from the 70s because I dug the Dick Giordano covers when I saw them. Even as a young teenager, I enjoyed the art of comics, and purchased Westerns, Romance, War, Mystery, Science Fiction, Comedy and even religious comics if I liked the artwork. The romance comics genre (created by one of my heroes, Jack Kirby) was no exception to my love of this medium. That Avengers cover was my way to sneakily do one of those. I did another Romance Cover, which I’ll look up and post here.

  5. Travis Pelkie

    I’m sorry, but #4 is wrong. There is NEVER an over-reliance on pie for fight scenes.

    Otherwise, I think you just got the non-US cut of the film.

    I must find those animated Avengers comics, as I was not aware of their existence before now.

    I heard that they’re working on the Namor spinoff movie. Ah-nold’s in talks to play the villain, but apparently even he’s not sure which villain they’ll use. His only comment was “it’s not Attuma”.

    Thank you, thank you very much.

  6. The Avengers animated series that the comics were an adaptation of was widely panned, and the show was cancelled after only one season. Our comic was similarly cancelled after one season, but it got great reviews along the way. More than one commenter made the point that the TV series should have adapted our scripts as episodes, which was nice to hear. There’s only eight issues in total of Avengers United (I did do another three issues of an Avengers title later on…)but it remains one of my happier experiences in comics. I love the Avengers and it was a privilege to contribute to their legacy.

  7. For me, the best Marvel superhero movie was BY FAR the first Spider-Man movie by Sam Raimi. Too bad that its sequels sucked so very much that they tarnished the name of their predecessor.

    As for The Avengers: the theater was full, even though here in Italy we don’t follow superheroes much. And not just that – it was full and they were all adults. Amazing!

    • I’m partial to the Iron Man movie, from Marvel. Best comic book movie of all time is AMERICAN SPLENDOR, adapted from the work of (and almost starring) Harvey Pekar. Astounding stuff.

  8. I enjoyed it, but I appear to be the only one who recognized the villain from after the ending credits. I know way to much about comics.

    I think it’s pretty cool that Marvel has at least three movies coming out based on comic properties they own… Avengers, Spider-Man, and Men in Black

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