LGBTDC Bun Toons! YAY!

Because you can’t spell “Pride” without “DC”. Except for the “C” part.

Oh, we’ve all heard the rumours, the publicity stunt, the announcement.  But at least we’re chattering about it, which was what was supposed to happen all along.

Think about it:  A Spectre, who is the ghost of a dead gay man, visiting the righteous vengeance of God on sinners and killers, would KICK ASS!  And I mean that in a good way.  If it turns out to be the Black Condor or Vibe, I’m going to be pissed.

Ty the Guy OUT!

Here now, your BONUS Gay DC Comics Moment:

Now it all makes sense!


For last week’s Bun Toon about the new Avengers Movie (in COLOUR!) click the logo above.

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33 responses to “LGBTDC Bun Toons! YAY!

  1. It’s all the rest of the Watchmen.

  2. I think I’d bet on Booster Gold. What do you think?

    • Does Booster cover the “iconic” corner of the three clues? Not really. Outside of comics’ readers, and specifically DC comics readers, he’s not well known. (And this is coming from someone who worked on the original run of Booster Gold, and holds him in very high personal esteem). He’s not even remotely iconic. Of course, Spectre hasn’t had a TV series of movie or anything, so he might not be iconic either, but he’s a golden ager, and the most powerful entity in the DC Universe, I think.

  3. “You bitches are screwed!”
    Words to live by!

    And that Superman strip, sir, wins all of the interwebs. 🙂

  4. I was told at TCAF we’re not supposed to use LGBT any more, now it’s QUILTBAG. No really.

    I wana see the bun toon comic about that. 🙂

    • It’s still pretty much a matter of personal choice–there are those who favour Queer as a term and those who regard it as completely unacceptable. LGBTQ is getting to be more and more standard but I’ve seen lots of posts from people saying that they’re tired of the “alphabet soup”.

      My personal take is that as long as the term is used with respect, ‘s all good.

      • yes I’m sure. It came up when i was asking a panel of academics, all of them queer themselves, who had just done presentations about queer comics and culture at the New Narrative conference – i was fumbling my acronyms and they brought up QUILTBAG. At first i though they were joking but other than laughing with me about the alphabet soup they were totally serious about it.

    • As I bisexual woman (and a crafter, so I like quilts) I see no possible way that could be used as a slur or tossed around as a joke. -_-

      Okay, honestly, that is such a dumb name. Quiltbag? Really? We want to be the Quiltbag culture? Have Quiltbag film festivals? Quilt bag. A bag made of pretty, flowered fabric. The visual possibilities are endless. Sigh.

      I vote for MBMB. My body, my business.

      • I cannot imagine how any term that ends in the word “bag” could ever be used as a slur. Just like terms that end in the word “nozzle” or “bucket”, they’re obviously supportive, inviting terms.

  5. I imagine Superman’s relationship with Lois Lane would be pretty different if he was a homosexual

    • Yes, obviously, he’d be dating Louis Lane…my point was that his super-heroing duties would be identical. A gay super-hero still sacrifices, still struggles, still does his duty. Like a gay cop or a gay soldier…jobs gay people have been doing for years and years.

  6. Hmmm… Now i haven’t followed all new 52 launches, but think it will probably be a member of the JSA? Or one of the iconic Rogues? Hmm… but how can we all forget the first character to come out (yes pre-Northstar) in The Flash, the Pied Piper, and his quip about the “Joker”.

  7. Bleeding Cool is currently reporting that it’s ALAN SCOTT, the original Green Lantern. My buddy Dan Slott says it makes sense, as his weakness was always wood.

  8. Paul the Curmudgeon

    Maybe it’s Sgt. Rock? They didn’t ask – he didn’t tell!

  9. You know, Sgt. Rock is another excellent possibility, actually. Almost as good as the Spectre, in terms of making a statement. Alan Scott is a poor choice, I hope the rumours are wrong.

  10. James Gartler

    I smiled when you made your Riddler joke, Ty, and thought “A-HA! He finally sees it!” I seem to recall us getting into a conversation about that once…

    Maybe it’s The Question since…well, I’m sure he’s questioning…

  11. Uhmmm, we all know Riddler’s obsession with Batman includes sexual tension. Which is why I hope he’s NOT the gay one – otherwise he’d just have a normal (albeit maniacal) crush for Batsy; and that would diminish the character in my opinion.

    Oh boy, I really don’t know who could be the gay one. I just hope they handle this maturely, and not just as a cheesy publicity stunt.

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  14. I shared one of your images from this post with my readers – hope that’s cool:

    • Sure, that’s fine. You linked back here, and you didn’t print the entire day’s comic strip, so we’re good. Thanks for spreading the word about what I do here, that’s appreciated.

      • Great! Just wanted to make sure. Would it be alright if I included your site on my homepage’s list of good comics links?

        • Hmm…I’m trying to figure out a reason why I could object to that. I’m stumped, so I’ll happily approve. Just warn people that “good” is subjective, and they might run in horror.

          • Okay. 🙂 I added it under the generic heading “Comics Blogs” – feel free to look at my homepage; I’m happy to make any changes if you have any objections. The links I like are along the right side as you scroll down. Thanks!

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  16. So the golden age Green Lantern? Wood was his weakness, wasn’t it?There are all sorts of bad jokes lurking….

  17. This just makes me sad when people show things like this of the DC heroes and say things like this about God. People should have more respect to the DC heroes and should have more respect to God.

    • Did someone say something about god that was disrespectful? I said the ghost of a dead gay man visiting god’s wrath on sinners and killers would kick ass. Was the term “Kick Ass” the problem, or was it your personal distaste for gay people that prompted you to write? Because if you claim for a moment that Jesus ever said a single solitary thing about gay people, you’re either ignorant or intentionally lying. And if you don’t recall that Jesus repeatedly told his followers that his was a “new way” and the old ways were to be discarded, then you don’t get to quote me Talmudic rules from Leviticus (which include avoidance of shellfish, ham, menstruating women and raping your slaves by the way).
      We’re not a welcoming place for bigoted intolerance pretending to be a plea for religious tolerance. There is absolutely NO scriptural defence for anti-gay beliefs in the Christian Testament, so you don’t get to pretend they’re the same subject. If you have a problem with gay people, deal with it without pretending your religion told you to be that way.
      ALSO: I noticed you posted anonymously. Classy.

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