Ray Bradbury. Thank you, from this illustrating man.

Words fail me.

Because they never failed him.

Thanks so much for ALL of it, Ray.  You helped birth BOTH my love of Comics and Science Fiction.  You made the world a fun place, and you always seemed to be smiling and laughing, more than almost any other writer I can think of, every image of you seems happy.

So, you get a moment or two of tears, then I go back to being happy to have shared the Earth with you as long as I did.

Ty the Guy OUT!

Here now, the Ray Bradbury Bonus moment.  If you haven’t seen this, you’re going to love this more than anything today…

10 responses to “Ray Bradbury. Thank you, from this illustrating man.

  1. The loss of Ray Bradbury is a loss beyond the comic book world. Science fiction fantasy, great story-telling, and more have all suffered a huge loss with his passing.


    Steven Willis

    • Of course Ray was so much more than someone EC comics was constantly adapting the stories of…. But this is a personal blog, and these comics were the first introduction I had to Ray Bradbury. I read a bunch of these when I was a little boy (I’m old, remember, and comics from the fifties were around my house as I grew up in the Sixties). Of course Ray Bradbury gave us magnificent novels, and screenplays, and short stories and everything else. But guess where I first read “A Sound of Thunder”…? I think the point of today’s tribute was that I always felt a certain connection to Ray Bradbury because his huge presence in the comic books of my childhood. I know the rest of the world got to have him, but we got to have him too.

  2. This is a really wonderful tribute, Ty.

  3. I don’t know why your blog is calling me “anonymous”.

  4. Stephen Kelleher

    I’d also like to thank Feldstein, Orlando, Davis and especially Wood for “illustrating” the man’s words.

    • Yeah. That was quite a team. We still have Jack Davis, and Al Feldstein, but we’ve lost the rest of ’em.

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  6. It’s remarkable how many times this song has popped up into my head (at inappropriate times no less) since I first watched the video here. Terrifically catchy. Anyone know if he saw the video at some point?

    • The song is about five or six years old, I think, so I would hope SOMEONE alerted him to it when it first came out. I know what you mean about how catchy it is. I’ve been singing it to myself all week too, because I can’t sing it out loud. I have pre-teens in my house.

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