Rabbit Bye Bye Bun Toons. No Yay.

We bunnies stick together, mostly because we can’t get this horrible gooey stuff out of our fur.

I try not to pass gas at a polite dinner party, or police cruisers on the highway, but there’s no denying the passing of a era with the discontinuation of fellow bunny creator, Matt Groening’s LIFE IN HELL strip.

At least the name BONGO lives on in the comic company that publishes the Simpsons (and occasionally employs me), and the name Akbar lives on as a really cool font.

Ty the Guy OUT!

Here now your Matt Groening Bunny Bonus Moment.

When I did my first Simpsons comic, lo those many years ago, the editor asked for a photo of me so they could “Simpsons-ize” my portrait in the back of the Halloween issue.   Because I’ve always been a bunny, I sent them a photo of me in a bunny suit.  This is the image that ran in the back of TREEHOUSE OF HORROR #8, drawn by Bill Morrison, I suspect.

The Ty-Bunny, disguised as the Bongo-Bunny, on the inside of a Bongo Comic.  The universe collapses upon itself.


For last week’s Bun Toon, click Sherlock Holmes above.

For every Bun Toon ever, click the bottomless rabbit on his furry bits.

2 responses to “Rabbit Bye Bye Bun Toons. No Yay.

  1. Isn’t that Binky, not Bongo?

  2. I actually grew up with Life in Hell out in LA lo those many years ago. Kept following it ever since. Bongo will be one sorely missed bunny for me.


    Steven Willis

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