Too Sick for a Bun Toon. No yayy.

When Ty started up Bun Toons, he swore to himself that he would do one every Saturday no matter what. Every now and then, he’ll put one out on a Sunday because it’s related to the day, but generally he draws it on the Saturday so it still fulfills his requirement of a weekly Bun Toon.

But every now and then, even a mighty Bun Tooner falls victim to exhaustion and illness. Too many late nights, too little sleep, too many infectious children in the house, and an ongoing battle with grass and ragweed pollen have all left Ty feeling too exhausted to see straight. That makes it super-difficult to hold a pencil so it makes marks on paper.

So, here’s a repeat of an old DC Shop Talk entry about a previous bout of illness getting the better of Ty…and later today, when he regains consciousness, he tells me that he’s got a Bun Toon all planned out that will go up tomorrow.

And, ’cause I’m recycling here…your Not-Bonus Moment is this, previously seen after Charlie Sheen Bun Toons:

Can you drink someone under the table if the table is three hundred feet high?


4 responses to “Too Sick for a Bun Toon. No yayy.

  1. Hope you get better Ty. Even the great Templeton needs a little R&R every once in awhile

  2. Hasenpfeffer for breakfast, hmmmm?


    Steven Willis

  3. Paul the Curmudgeon

    You and your family are in my thoughts – hope you’re better soon! but take your time – your audience isn’t going anywhere. A number of people have told me that this summer is particularly bad for allergies, incidentally.

  4. Feel better – we’ve got sick around here, too. DON’T PANIC, you’ll get better…

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