San Diego Comic Con Memories Bun Toons Yay!

What? Who are you? Where am I? Hello…?

I’m not at San Diego this weekend, even though the rest of the planet seems to be.  Instead, I’ve taken to my bed in Toronto, recovering from some fairly work-intensive weeks with a bout of nasty exhaustion.  (Sorry there wasn’t a BUN TOON yesterday, the flesh is weak.)

But the MIND never stops at Bun Toons Central.  So I’ve let you into the creaky memory storage unit today.  Remember, you cannot open any boxes, and you cannot touch any items.  Whoever has the most money in their pockets can surely own it.  Yuuuup!

I hope those that made it to the West Coast are having a good time.  You’re in my thoughts when I’m not sleeping the day away…because those sleepy thoughts are always about bowling in the nude.


Here now, your BONUS Comic Con moment:

Time to play ARMCHAIR KIRBY! Votes will be tabulated with the latest software and reported back in a timely manner.


For last week’s Bun Toon, featuring another comic book legend, and my important relationship with him, click the black and white bunny above.

For Every Bun Toon Ever, click the colourful bunny above.

10 responses to “San Diego Comic Con Memories Bun Toons Yay!

  1. Actually…. the only big issue with the Red Sonja cosplay is that she doesn’t have the slightest bit of muscles. I’m not saying musclebound (that never looks good on females, if you ask me), but I’m saying some elegant muscle mass to give the idea of a barbarian warrior.
    But as she is now, it’s like an attractive and handsom, but totally lean and muscle-less man, cosplaying as Conan the barbarian.

  2. I suspect the one that would be more difficult to draw should win. But, does that depend on whether the wife is present or not?


    Steven Willis

  3. Based on cleverness and craft of costume it’s obvious who’d win.

    Now if I’m to pull my dirty old man card and judge just on the bodies, the prize goes to Hela. I always get grossed out when I can see the edges or wrinkles of breast implants. If silicone was my fetish I’d carry a pair of implants with me as my dinner date to restaurants.

    • I’m with you there. Cannot stand implants on anyone. Sexiness has FAR more to do with confidence in one’s self than physical appearance, and implants are the ultimate statement of lack of confidence in one’s self. They are the utter opposite of sexy. I’d sooner see a woman with dripping scabs and hairy back warts than implants. The sad thing is the predatory doctors who take advantage of these unfortunate women, taking money to destroy any chance of seeing these ladies as attractive.

  4. Pingback: LAST WEEK on the ‘net | Ty Templeton's ART LAND!!

  5. Pingback: LAST WEEK on the ‘net | Ty Templeton's ART LAND!!

  6. I finally got my copy of Arthur Christmas, but I wish it was cooler so I could watch it 😦 Waiting for winter again…

  7. Hi Ty – randomly came across this website while searching for costume ideas (Halloween’s a comin’!), and it immediately reminded me of your Red Sonya story:

  8. More effort went into the Hela costume. Chain mail bikini and a few props? Ten, maybe fifteen, minutes on eBay. Hela there took some real effort.

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