More Fast Food and Naughty Bits Bun Toons! YAY

I’m not going to make a joke about anything being finger licking good. I promise.

Last week, the nation was up in arms about the Chick-Fil-A appreciation day.  Whether you were for it or against it, it got the conversation going about batter fried chicken and what people do with their hoo hoos and wee wees.

So what better time for this HONEST-TO-GOD-TRUE-LIFE-ADVENTURE?

For those curious about the other four celebs, I’ll I’m saying is that all four of them starred in their own TV series, and one of them starred in a Hollywood movie.  I will say no more.

Ty the Guy OUT!

Here now, your BONUS Colonel Sanders and Me moment

All True.


For Last week’s chicken and genitalia related cartoon, click the title above.

For Every Bun Toon Ever (including others about urinals, if you look…) Click the rabbit.

15 responses to “More Fast Food and Naughty Bits Bun Toons! YAY

  1. Paul the Curmudgeon

    And let’s have no jokes about ‘finger-lickin’ good’, please……

  2. Too late. Go back and read the post, it was the first joke I made…

  3. The doctor was wrong. It IS funny.

  4. Colonel Sanders must be proud you describe him with a “drumstick” instead of a “wing”…


    Steven Willis

  5. I’m deeply offended by your Godless depiction of cholesterol.

  6. Fast food and naughty bits? Two of my most favourite things!

  7. If local TV meteorologists count, I’ve touched the genitalia of a celebrity.

  8. But..but…did he WASH HIS HANDS?!?!

    And Col. Sanders moved to CANADA for awhile? I…I…I have the vapours!

  9. In the mid-sixties, Sanders sold his ownership of the American KFC franchises to a corporation, but he retained the ownership of the Canadian franchises. He moved to Mississauga Ontario (a suburb of Toronto, and the town I was born in, and still live in) for most of the rest of his life, until his last days, where he went back to Kentucky to pass away. Almost everybody in Mississauga was very aware of our famous neighbour. He lived about two miles from my house for my childhood, and we’d see him at local KFC restaurants doing openings and deals etc. He was never a Canadian citizen, but he was very much a Canadian celeb for this period.

  10. Don’t be too horrified that Colonel Sanders lived in Canada. He was always bucking expectations. Harland Sanders was born and raised poor in Indiana, and was only a ceremonial non-military Kentucky Colonel. Not at all racist in a racist time, when he travelled with the African-American KFC head of PR, he would introduce him as his son.

  11. Either Gene Ha is an expert on the Col. or else he spends a lot of time with the Google because DC’s not giving him enough to do 🙂 (I thought your bit in Action was really neat looking!)

    No, I didn’t mean to give the impression that it was a bad thing that the Col. moved to Canada — I mainly just wanted to make a joke to spell “vapours” the British way. Like you do in Canada, right?

    Man, if I learned stuff every time I made a stupid joke, I’d be the smartest man alive!

    You wouldn’t guess, off the top of your head, that the Col. spent his latter days in Canada. Ok, I wouldn’t.

    All of which still is a distraction from my question, DID HE WASH HIS HANDS?!?! Which, based on Mr. Templeton’s depiction in the strip and further silence here in the comments suggests that no, no he did not.

  12. I’ve got your penis on audiotape, from the 20th San Diego Comic-Con. Does that count?

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