It’s New Comics Wednesday with even MORE Holmes Incorporated Previews!

One more day until Fan Expo Canada 2012. One more day I get the privilege of showing off the marvelous work of the contributors to this years issue of Holmes Incorporated (#3 in a series of who knows how many?).

Look for this cover at the convention, and you’ll be talking to a contributor, or one of the excellent retailers who are carrying the book

Today, we start with Flight Lessons, a charming tale of charm and how to learn it, written by the very charming Daniel Reynolds and more-than-charmingly illustrated by Meg Kearney.

Written by Daniel Reynolds, art by Megan Kearney

Next up is an exciting flashback story, set in the Second World War, featuring “the Old Man” of Holmes Incorporated, back when he wasn’t quite so old.  For a script so filled with “old” it’s done by two young men worth looking out for in the future, making a story very much worth looking at right now…Written by newcomer Eric Houstoun and penciled and inked by newcomer Dylan Kloepfer.

Story by Eric Houstoun, art by Dylan Kloepfer

We normally give you two pages for each story, but there’s a fun bit of a clue I DON’T want to give away until you get the book in your hot little hands.  I know it’s tough, but you’ll have to wait.

Next, Savannah MacIntosh and Tuhin Giri , our impressive team-up from yesterday’s preview pages, come together for a SECOND story in the book, flipping duties this time…Savannah illustrates Tuhin’s script instead of the other way around.  I think you’ll agree that Savannah’s art is as lovely as Tuhin’s script.  Is this the next Lee/Kirby?

Story by Tuhin Giri, art by Savannah MacIntosh

Come back tomorrow for our last set of preview pages before the start of Fan Expo Canada 2012, Thursday August 23 4pm.  After all this skill on display, is it possible we saved the best for last?!?

Tune in tomorrow and see…

Ty the Guy OUT!!

Even with all these free pages, you STILL get a Bonus Sherlock Holmes Comic Book Moment:  Would I ever give you less?

It’s impossible not to love this

Go ahead and try.

AND! If you’d like to learn how to write and draw your own comics, just like these creators did…be sure to check out the courses over at my Comic Book Bootcamp. There are still some spaces available in Writing for Comics Part One, and Drawing the Human Figure from your head.

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