Yayyy!! The LAST Preview Pages of Holmes Incorporated #3!!

Fan Expo Canada 2012 starts at 4pm today, so I’m off with the fine folks who buy comics and keep my sorry butt employed! But before I leave for the day, I have to make sure you get to see the last of the Frankly Fabulous work our team of creators produced for Holmes Incorporated #3!

Today’s we start with Dylan Kloepfer scripting a story for Adira Rotstein to illustrate. Adira scripted the touching “Hologram Holmes”, seen a few days back in these previews, and Dylan illustrated the action packed “Heroic Deeds” seen yesterday.  You mean these people are all writing AND drawing stories?  How do they contain all that talent?  They didn’t, they got it out and put it on the page!  Together they came up with Finally Peace and Quiet.

Story by Dylan Kloepfer, art by Adira Rotstein

Murder on the Moon is by a couple of OG creators who have been with us since Holmes Inc. was a gleam in everyone’s eye.  Writer Mike Marano, and artist Christopher Yao, team up to show everyone how it’s done.  Please, Marvel or DC, don’t steal these guys away from us too soon.

Story by Mike Marano, art by Christopher Yao

Last but so not least, is the work of assistant editor Kathleen Gallagher scripting a story of Trey and Artie dealing with some nefarious business in the Far East.  Kathleen has been with the Fit To Print program since BEFORE it was Holmes Incorporated, and we couldn’t be happier to see her return for her FOURTH time!  She never disappoints with her lively action-packed scripts.  Marshall Geddes picked up the art duties for his second turn at the Holmes Incorporated bat, STILL our youngest contributor at 19 years of age, and WAY too skilled for someone that young. Together, they produced Recipe for Chaos.

Story by Kathleen Gallagher, art by Marshall Geddes

Yeah, that’s how CANADIANS spell “rain check”, and Artie Holmes is Canadian.  So There.

If you haven’t seen it by now (and who in the civilized world has not?) here the cover for the latest issue, your guarantee of fun, mystery and excitement.

Holmes Incorporated #3 will be available for sale at Fan Expo this weekend (as of Friday), in Booth 614, at Holmes Inc. Alumni Rachael Well’s booth A165, and at the Templeton-Smiths tables in Artists Alley, P30A and P30B, as well as a few other spots in the building.   Stop by and pick up your copy, and stay tuned for news on when you can download this issue digitally for FREE!  We’re here for the students and we’re here for the readers.  We want everyone to enjoy this one.

Ty the Guy OUT !!

Here now, your BONUS Sherlock Holmes Comic Book Moment:

The great Blue Water Comics, refining Holmes down to what the fans really want.

No, sorry, I forgot it was the 2010s and everything is vampire nowadays. DC finally makes the Sherlock Holmes that Twilight fans really want.

We all know Holmes is best when he’s a teenage girl with a pair of Katana swords. That’s why Holmes Inc. wins!

Here now your BONUS Holmes Inc. Bonus Moments:

Check out this special edition of Holmes Inc. Available at FanExpo at Christopher Yao’s table. All Yao Issue!

And THIS special edition of Holmes Inc. available at Rachael Wells table at FanExpo. All Wells issue!


AND! If you’d like to learn how to write and draw your own comics, just like these creators did…be sure to check out the courses over at my Comic Book Bootcamp. There are still some spaces available in Writing for Comics Part One, and Drawing the Human Figure from your head.


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