Happy 95th Birthday King Kirby

In tribute to the late King of Comics on his birthday, it’s been suggested that those of us who followed in  his footsteps wake up and draw our favourite Kirby Karacter, and donate the sketch to HERO INITIATIVE‘s KIRBY4HEROES campaign.

I’ve never worked on the Fantastic Four, but I DID get to do a few issues of Spider-Man that featured Ben Grimm, and discovered how much I love drawing the blue-eyed idol of millions.   And since it’s a sketch, not appearing in an actual Marvel Comic, I get to give Bashful Benjy back his beloved cheroot.

He still doesn’t seem happy, though.  I think it’s because I was still sleepy…

We love you, Jack.  There’s no possible way to ever give back to the Kirby family the way Jack gave to us, but it’s our duty to at least try on his 95th birthday.

Ty the Guy OUT!

Here now, your BONUS Kirby Karacter Sketch:

My favourite Kirby COSTUME to draw is still Big Barda.  A million years ago, before the Earth fully cooled, Barda was a member of the Justice League when I was pencilling that series in the early 90s, and I discovered how PERFECTLY designed that outfit was to draw from any angle, at any size, and it still held together.

Even a goofball like me could draw the Former Female Fury and keep it recognizable with that iconic ensemble.  I think she stole that hat from Galactus, and drank his milkshake while she was at it.

One response to “Happy 95th Birthday King Kirby

  1. Kirby’s costumes might seem outlandish on the page at times, but it’s a testament to his eye that he actually designed costumes for a theatrical production in the same style — and danged if they didn’t work well in three dimensions, too. http://kirbymuseum.org/caesar

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