I was Gumby. Now it can be told.

Long time readers of this blog might recall that I briefly played claymation superstar Gumby on a local TV show in Toronto back in the 80s.  At least I did until the Art Clokey Productions people got wind of the WAY I was playing Gumby on the air and eventually took the suit back and put a stop to it.

Pictured above: The REAL Gumby.

We were given the suit and paid a couple of bucks to promote the Gumby video episodes that were on sale at the time, but because I am who I am, I tended to make Gumby tell dirty jokes and claim that the books he liked to walk into were mostly pornographic, and the owners of Gumby took the suit away after about three weeks of this.  I like to think the time we rented a live horse to play our Pokey, and took it to a dance club where it shat all over the floor on TV might have played a part as well.

Anyway, I was at a birthday party for Bob Segarini tonight (the host of the show LATE GREAT MOVIES, where these appearances happened), and ran into someone who actually has video tape of this legendary time in my life, and promises to send me some clips to share with you guys.   In the meantime, here’s a screengrab from one of the episodes.  I’m the idiot in the suit to the right.


“I can walk into any book, so I have a house in Fifty Shades of Gray…What do you mean I’m fired?”

I’ll let you know as soon as there’s video.

Ty the Guy OUT!

Here now, your BONUS Guy-In-A-Gumby-Suit moment:

Last year, someone in a Gumby suit tried to rob a convenience store in San Diego.   I have an alibi for the day, and police did not suspect me.

6 responses to “I was Gumby. Now it can be told.

  1. I am… I am… I am… Ahh, Ty, Dang It!


    Steven Willis

  2. Is this related in any way to the show when put yogurt on your cat? Yeah, I read that Amazing Heroes interview….

    • Yup. Same show. I didn’t put any yoghurt on my cat, though…the cat stuck her face in a yoghurt cup and got the cup stuck on her face. Slightly different story, because the first version would involve me intentionally making the cat unhappy, which as a cat lover, I would never do.

      • AH! I was totally going to ask about that yogurt cat bit (which is a YouTube meme now, isn’t it? I can haz froot on the bottom?)! I read it in the bio of you in the Fantagraphics Best Comics of the Decade ’80-’90, and wondered about it. I had the impression that you’d intentionally stuck the cat’s face in there (in a “bowl” of yogurt, I think it says), and I wondered what that was all about.

  3. That is classic. So very very classic! I want to say I am surprised that you were Gumby, and a rude one at that, but it’s things like this that make me believe in a Higher Being.

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