Clint Eastwood Bun Toons! YAY!

Squeezing out every last drop of comedy, so no one ELSE has to.

We all saw Mr. Eastwood on Friday night.  I promise to have the last word on the subject, because there are literally none left once I’m done.

Okay.  No more making fun of The Man With No Name, unless the new movie about a baseball scout really sucks, and then I can’t protect him.


Here now, your Clint Eastwood Comic Book Bonus Moments:

I’ll bet you didn’t know Clint was a comic book star back in the early 60s.

It was all ahead of him then.

And hey, except for Firefox, it was a pretty good ride.


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3 responses to “Clint Eastwood Bun Toons! YAY!

  1. The Chair, the Bad and the Ugly.

  2. Mr. Eastwood’s speech definitely got loads of press online, right from when it started on Thursday night (love the immediacy of the ‘net). Surprisingly, two days later now, I have yet to even meet someone that has actually watched it; I have asked everyone I have run into (3 dozen+ people so far), and though everyone knows of it noone has actually seen it.

    I watched it Friday morning and was surprised to not see much really wrong with it, it my opinion. He is getting old, he has always had a halted speaking style, and it is an audience and environment he clearly is not accustomed to having. Even so, I did not see anything significantly wrong or bad with it (though I may agree and/or disagree with his opinions on specific items, definitely).

    But, then, the talk of it does make good drama and late night television fodder…


    Steven Willis

  3. My strip wasn’t meant to make fun of Eastwood, but the media reaction to it. I actually watched the speech live (as I’m a political junkie and watched most of the convention) and my primary reaction to it was that it DID NOT endorse Romney. The other HUGE moment of the speech (which has not been much discussed in the media) is that at the end, he pointedly said that Americans are all great, industrious people, whether you’re Democrat, Republican OR Libertarian, something that no other speaker at the convention said (and tellingly, split the Republican party into two…because Eastwood considers himself Libertarian more than Republican, and wasn’t shy about saying it). ALSO: There were a few strong digs at Republicans in the performance. Beyond that, it ran quite long, and forced the end of Romney’s acceptance speech to go past the 11.00 hour, when the network feeds ended. More than one person believes Eastwood was intentionally sabotaging the convention. It’s a possibility I consider…

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