If you haven’t seen it by now (and who in the civilized world has not?) here the cover for the latest issue, your guarantee of fun, mystery and excitement.

Although Holmes Incorporated #3 was officially available at this year’s FanExpo Canada 2012, everyone has been so busy that we didn’t get around to partying and celebrating the launch. That’s being fixed TONIGHT!!

Tonight, at 587A College Street West, Toronto, Second Floor, there will be art from the book on display, creators available to receive praise and admiration, and drinks! That almost guarantees an inebriated confession or two from one of our skilled writers and artists.  What more could you ask for from a Launch Party?

figure I: the creative process revealed.

Wait–there IS more! In order to support the Holmes Inc. creators who’ve been sharing space with them all these months, The Comic Book Lounge & Gallery has decided to stay open until 10pm tonight. So, while you wonder around admiring the art, you can also take some time to buy a graphic novel or a comic (or some art, or some toys or…SO many things available at The Lounge).

Figure II : Wheee!

You might even want to take the time to start your own official Pull-List at The Lounge, so you never miss out on an issue of your favourite comic (once they get to know your list, you’ll find the occasional treat as Joe, Kevin or Kellam might find a book by a creator you didn’t know about and pull it so you can have a look before it sells out).

Figure III: Kevin and Joe welcome you to their lounge. Kellam is simply too handsome to be recorded on film.

Plenty of fun reasons to spend your evening with the next group of tomorrow’s comic book superstars.  Come and get your nerd on, fellow babies.  It won’t be the same if you’re not there!


Ty the Guy OUT!

Here now, your BONUS Comic Book Party Moment:

’cause there ain’t no party like an Okeefenokee Party



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