The NEW Silver Snail!! The Old Ty Templeton!

It’s been an incredibly busy couple of months what with starting up my COMIC BOOK BOOTCAMP, attending FanExpo Canada 2012, Montreal Comic Con, all while still working on Marvel Ultimate Spider-Man Adventures ( as well as other projects, currently too secret to discuss!!) This week is particularly packed with events–(Including an open house at my new school/Comic Book Embassy this Saturday!  392 Spadina Ave. in Toronto! I’ll discuss this more in depth tomorrow) but I still made time to be at the opening of the brand new Yonge Street location of Silver Snail Comics.

Checking out the Spidey hanging over the front stairs

The Silver Snail is one of the planet’s best comic stores (and JUST awarded the Shuster Award for Best Comic Store in Canada, 2012, so there’s proof) and the store and I have a personal history.  When it first opened in Toronto at its original Queen Street location in 1976, I was its first customer through their doors on opening day at the age of 14 (buying some back issues of Captain America-Clear Memory Ty), and so with the new change of ownership and change of location, I was honoured to be asked back to do the same thing…

Checking out the new comics rack

So, yesterday morning, I packed my kids in the car…and let Keiren drive so we could all nap as it was only 7am. We arrived at 329 Yonge Street as the store opened for the FIRST DAY at 8am. Because of the café located at the front of the store, proud new owner, George Zotti and his partner, have chosen to open at 8am each day, and remain open until 10pm.  Yup, you heard that right…until TEN PM!

With an actual glass bottle of Coke in hand from the café, I got to walk around and check out the impressively huge new space. My kids got to browse as well, eventually sitting in the kids’ area, a table and chairs set in front of the rack full of kid-friendly comics (including my latest issues of Ultimate Spidey!)

So, the family got to be the official first customers of the new location (although technically, it was my daughter as she actually paid so she could take quick posession of her Archie Comics digest) and my son, former Silver Snail employee, Kellam was the second official customer.

The first stack of comics sold at the new Silver Snail!  I chat with new owner George Zotti about gray hair, baldness and the lost dreams of my youth.

Dreams fulfilled…I have my morning Coca Cola, and all is well.

My daughter Kate, showing off the Archie comic that was on the top of the stack, making THIS digest from Riverdale the first OFFICIAL comic book rung up at the new store!  ARCHIE RULES!!

No, you can’t buy this kick ass Batman Jacket at the store…my wife made it from an old bed spread from back when I was the Snail’s original customer.  Once again, mixing the old with the new.  (I’m the old…)

So…you’re all too late to be there first, but PLEASE come and be there second, or at least part of a ten thousand way tie for second.  The new Silver Snail rocks out, and is great danger of becoming a Toronto Yonge Street landmark for decades to come.

Ty the Guy OUT!

Here now, your BONUS New Silver Snail Moment:

A nice close up shot of the New Silver Snail’s New Mascot, Venom/Spidey!  He hangs over the entrance stairway, either protecting or threatening the customers…As long as he can save Gwen if she ever falls down the stairs, or off a bridge or something, I’m good…

2 responses to “The NEW Silver Snail!! The Old Ty Templeton!

  1. Seems as tho many of us have memories taking our kids to comic stores and introducing them to “comicdom”. But, how many of us have such memories of our own parents having been so involved in comics to have such produced such an introduction?

    In any case, good job Ty!

    Dang, I took way too much philosophy in university…


    Steven Willis

  2. So many great memories linked to the Silver Snail – makes me almost embarassed that my first comic book was bought off a revolving rack in a Mac’s Milk (Batman and the Outsiders vol.1, #10). Can’t wait to see the new digs!

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