Debatable Bun Toons! YAY!

Whether or not it’s funny, that’s debatable.

It was the most watched debate for VP in history.  Or at least for the last four years (I didn’t look it up).  But my wife and I watched the whole thing and enjoyed it quite a bit….right up until the reviews came in and it was….

In Canada, the polling said that Biden won it 88 to 12.  But that’s Canada, where we have a free press and stuff like that.

On her show the next day, Rachel Maddow said “…right after the debate, the Democrats claimed Biden won, and the Republicans claimed Biden was disrespectful and mean to Paul Ryan.  One is a boast, the other is an excuse.   That tells you everything.”

Ty the Guy OUT!

And now, your BONUS Joe Biden Comic Book Moment

Because if they can’t find the latest issue of the Avengers, Joe Biden is tops with comics fans.


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13 responses to “Debatable Bun Toons! YAY!

  1. You know, if a Republican candidate had acted like Vice President Biden did during that debated, they’d have praised him for his assertiveness and for demonstrating leadership. I bet if I dig through the archives all the way back to a week ago, I can find such an example.

  2. +20 points for best comment to Travis McCalin

  3. I second the +20 points to Travis McCalin. But T Baker loses 10 pts for laughing at Travis’ joke.

  4. Paul the Curmudgeon

    They’re both so awful. Tell me (because I honestly don’t know); does being a liberal actually oblige you to admire Joe Biden? Do they tell you this when you sign up, or is it like one of those cults where everything starts off kind of reasonable, and before you know it you’re not allowed to call your parents?

  5. Liberals? Every red blooded American loves Joe Biden. What are you, a Canuck?,29477/
    CHARLOTTE, NC—Accepting his renomination at the Democratic National Convention on Thursday, Vice President Joe Biden countered recent Republican criticisms by asserting that most Americans were indeed better off than they were four years ago, but he acknowledged that life still paled in comparison to that one “killer fucking” summer in 1987….

  6. Errr, I watch Fox News… Who is Joe Biden? And, while we are on this subject, we need to secure our southern border, too many Canadian jokes are making it over the fence down here in Arizona.


    Steven Willis

    P.S. _Very_ good one, Travis McClain!

  7. D’oh! I just noticed that I typed “debated” when clearly that was supposed to only be “debate.”

    To answer the question about compulsory admiration for Vice President Biden, I actually am largely indifferent to him. He hasn’t really been on my radar much, even throughout these past four years. But I certainly hold admiration for anyone willing to call out the nonsense of the Romney/Ryan “plan.”

    Their refusal to even commit to a position other than “Obama wrong! Rargh!” is laughable, as is their refusal to explain the wizardry behind their financial proposal. There’s simply no way that their math checks. None. It’s mathematically impossible, and for a candidate of any party seeking the presidency to try to sell us on their “vision” while hemming and hawing when it comes time to explain how they intend to give us the stars from the sky.

    Mr. Templeton’s characterization of American political journalism is spot-on. The free press is supposed to be the referee, and instead it’s run to the stands and let the players call the game. “Well, he says it was out of bounds, so I guess it was.” Someone is supposed to actually look and have the credibility to say, “Yes, that was out of bounds” or “No, that was in play.”

    So yes, I do admire a player in that situation having the wherewithal to challenge the nonsense of the Ryan Plan in the vacuum of proper officiating.

  8. Maybe what America needs is a version of the English political interviewer Jeremy Paxman. On his BBC programme he’s openly contemptuous of all politicians whatever their party, giving his interviews a certain balance Actually he’s openly contemptuous of practically every other member of the human race. I can still remember his interview with Sting, where he told the singing star that although he wasn’t responsible for global warming, he was still a hypocrite for flying everywhere.

  9. Well, I feel bad now that I didn’t watch it, because even CANADIANS watched it, and they can’t even vote in the election!

    Uh, you…can’t…vote in our election, right? I may have missed something….

    I instead was watching Craig Ferguson live on stage, and he said that the 2 groups you can make fun of without fear of offending them (which is the only way they equate, mind you) are Nazis, because who cares if you offend them, and Canadians. Both because they realize IT’S A JOKE, and because they’re just happy to be included.

  10. Speaking as a Canadian, that joke greatly offends me.

  11. Yeah, Canada. Where you can go to jail for saying you think abortion is wrong….

    Why don’t you and your Native American population remind me of how great your country is.

    • People have been arrested in Canada for peacefully stating that they oppose abortion? We’ve got to set them free! What are their names?

      Oh, wait, that’s never happened in the history of Canada and it never will happen. But he’s right, there are Native Americans in Canada. I agree with [Anonymous] on that point.

  12. Thanks for the assist, Gene. I have no idea what Mr. Anonymous was talking about. We don’t jail the anti-abortion activists in Canada, we sometimes vote them into parliament.

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