Double Digest Bun Toon! Yay!

Because they grow up so fast.

Every word reported verbatim.

My wife is out of town, so I won’t be around her when she does, in fact, hear this conversation.   Whoops.

Ty the Guy OUT!

And now, your bonus Betty and Veronica Moment:

This Double Digest, seen last night at our grocery store , triggered a special moment of bonding between father and son.

And I drew the Bun Toon this morning, while eating the pizza, re-heated from the night before.  In other words, I was DIGESTING it TWICE.   Another form of the Double Digest.

Co-incidence, or something far more sinister?


For last week’s clever political Bun Toon, click the Vice-Presidential candidates above.

For the Bun Toons Archives (which need updating, I know) but contain ALMOST all the previous Bun Toons of the last three years, click the pantsless dad bunny above.

16 responses to “Double Digest Bun Toon! Yay!

  1. Arguing now for eugenics, I see…


    Steven Willis

  2. For eugenics? Was that implied? Wait, was my son arguing for eugenics? I didn’t even bring up sterilizing the under-classes, except in my body language.


  4. Archie was the only guy who … what? Wait a second! What about Tagg Romney, or his younger brother Richie?

  5. I always wondered why I haven’t seen you draw any comics for the Archie line. Now I know.

    • I’ve come quite close a couple of times. Both occasions involved bad timing, either I was free when they had no work, or was busy when they were offering. I promise, someday, I do plan to do something for the Archie folks, as I do love their comics and that style.

  6. Coolest. Father-son talk. Ever.

  7. This makes me think of Brubaker/Phillips’ CRIMINAL; LAST OF THE INNOCENT.

  8. Archie hangs out with Reggie for the same reason.

  9. .

    (a real tear).

    That’s beautiful, Ty.

  10. That was funny! Must never be boring in your household! 😉

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  12. It could also be because Veronica can’t stand the thought of a lowly middle-class girl having something she didn’t, and she can’t believe Archie vacillates between the two of them.

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